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birthday madness


Another thing that happened during my most recent hiatus…I got another year older!

I forget how old that is now. Thankfully. Hopefully everyone else does too.

I finally got a chance to wear my smokin’ hot dress I got the last time I was in LA, and it. Was. Epic.

Like seriously, I have never gotten so many compliments in one night in my life. Talk about an ego boost! Woot! Go on with my bad self.

Untrue to form, those are pretty much the ONLY pictures I took on my birthday night. You’ll have to visit my LA post to see an actual picture of The Dress. Now forever, capitalized.

I know I had an awesome time because I woke up the next morning literally with no idea where the hell I was. It wasn’t until I wandered out of the room where I woke up (alone, thank goodness) that I realized I was at Fredmore and Bean’s. Thank goodness for good friends getting me drunk and looking after me!

In case you were wondering, yes I was still in The Dress when I woke up. And amazingly, my earrings which had been falling out all night the night before were still in place! I must have completely passed out and just…not…moved…at all.

When I went to go get coffee, I had a limited choice of attire. However, luckily Fredmore had just the right sweatshirt for the occasion.

Since I had coordinated in advance, however (THANK YOU 1N!), I had planned to be at Fredmore and Bean’s that day anyway to get some refreshment done on my tattoo! So after I was done snuggling on the couch watching Modern Family with Lola, the tiniest chihuahua you’ve ever seen, Fredmore got to work on the tattoo. Which went swimmingly and looks awesome. It will look SO COOL when it’s done!

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To top off a great birthday and relaxing recovery day, my mom and sister took me on our annual shopping trip where I was given an allowance and spent it wildly and with abandon. I procured a new purse, new necklace, two new rings, a shirt, and a hat the same as my sister’s so we could be twinsies!

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Another year older, maybe another year wiser. I’m not counting on it. We’ll see by the time next year rolls around.

the thing with holidays is…

I am such a procrastinator when it comes to decorating.

As you may recall from my Halloween post, not only did I not decorate until the day of Halloween, but I didn’t even do a costume till the next day.

This year, I am determined to do better for Christmas.

Except…it’s December 12 and there is nary a Christmas decoration in sight.

Also: I have yet to buy a single present.

This is in contrast to my mom, who has had Christmas decorations up for at least two weeks and has informed me that it’s too late to add anything to my wishlist because their shopping for me has been done for months.


So. New goals for this weekend:

  1. Friday: Go obtain tree. Somewhere. Tie to top of Jeep and maneuver upstairs and into living room. Consider decorating tree. Instead, decide to play Dragon Age until I fall asleep at the keyboard. In between prying my socks from between the jaws of New Dog. Assuming I haven’t found his real parents by then.
  2. Saturday: Consider decorating tree. Decide to put it off till Sunday. Instead, party my face off.
  3. Sunday: Recover. Actually decorate said tree, using assorted mismatched ornaments culled from Target after-holiday sales, mom’s attic and third-grade craft projects.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

That should get the tree up just in time for me to go out of town next week. Hopefully I won’t come back to it having been destroyed by overenthusiastic dog(s) and/or lack of watering.

After that it will be Operation: Get Tree to Dump Before Next Christmas.

marley and me

Okay, okay, trite. I know. But that dog I found the other day?

His name is Marley. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Yep, I finally found his correct owner on Wednesday evening, who provided pictorial proof via text. He seemed nice, and genuinely glad to have found Marley again, which made me feel good for doing a good deed.

Marley was only here for a few days, but I’m not sure the cat will ever recover. The Dog is only now getting to rest without being clambered upon, and I can move my desk chair without accidentally rolling over a floppy ear or two that is sprawled across the floor. He chewed up my stuff, humped my dog, and tracked mud ALL over the house, but I wish I would have had a little more time to spend with him.

He trotted off with his owner after a quick lick goodbye and without a backward glance. Puppies.

I guess I’ll always have this to remember him by. This was his favorite napping spot while I was working. Now I guess the Dog can have his spot back.


the unsinkable: unlikely rescuer

So…one of the other things keeping me busy this week has been an unexpected although not entirely unwelcome guest.

IMG_4325Found this guy running around the neighborhood while doing yard work. He became fascinated with the Dog, and I gained one houseguest until I can find his real family.

He’s super damn cute.

The vet’s office says he’s probably about 6 months old, some kind of retriever or lab mix, still has the family jewels, and is not (unfortunately) microchipped.

I got him some food, water, a leash, a rawhide bone, tasty doggie snacks, and a flea drop treatment (from the vet, not OTC, don’t worry).

Also, he found a toy.

IMG_4339 IMG_4334

He pretty much won’t put it down. It’s assaulting me with cuteness.

I made some flyers. I’ve put in ads on Craigslist and other lost/found pet sites including my local humane society, so far only one bite. I’m asking for the potential owners to at least send photos or describe something about him so I can be sure he’s going back to the right home. And, if it turns out that his owners don’t show, then at least I feel like I’ve done everything possible to find them.

In the meantime, I’ve lost an expired Sally Beauty membership card, two pens, the aforementioned stuffed animal, a sock, and one Cat, who refuses to come out of the pantry. IMG_4346I’ve had to deliver her food and water to her as long as This New Dog is in the house. Such is the life of 2N, The Unsinkable: Unlikely Dog Whisperer. Rescuer. Whatever.



total geekout. happening here. right now.

Aaaaaand…yet another almost-month goes by between posts. This time I have a good excuse. Almost. Sort of.

Well, not really.

Unless you, like I, am a sucker for fantasy computer games like…

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sucker as in: I will spend hundreds of hours playing this game. As in: I bought it the night before it came out, and preloaded it into my computer so I could start playing AS SOON AS it was available. Which (awesomely) was 10 PM PST the day before the actual published release date!

Oh happy day!

So the first night I stayed up till the wee hours playing it. Well, actually that first part was just setting up my character. I am (also) a sucker for customization, so when they give you as many options to customize your character’s face as this one does, well…I get lost. Big time.

I’m sure that if I was a real geek, I would talk your virtual ears off about the variety of quests and missions and (woot!) romance options in this game, but I’m not, not really. There are others that go about the documentation and review of new games in a much more organized, thorough, and just better fashion than I would. So instead, I’ll just let you know my single biggest problem with this game so far.

The problem is I don’t like the hair styles. I mean…wtf? There are only like four or five I find remotely tolerable and they still all make my character look like masculine. In fact the same hairstyles are used for both male and female avatars, so I guess it’s more like…androgynous. Or something. Sigh.

I can only hope they will prioritize an enhancement to the variety of hairstyles available to me for my next character. That or some supremely talented modder with time on his-slash-her hands will take pity on me and design a mod that I can install to give me more options.

Hey, if they can install a patch today of which one of the fixes was “Fix strange shadows in Cullen’s hair during certain cutscenes” then I am sure they can provide more hairstyle options.

Otherwise, I’m stuck with these. Now, they’re not ALL bad. And lest I get slammed for someone thinking I’m trying to make some weird over-sexified anime-type character, I’m not. I just wanted some hair that was…pretty. I guess. Not so martial.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hairstyles aside…isn’t the detail great? And yes, I downloaded the trial version of Snagit specifically so I could take these screen prints to illustrate this blog post.

You’re welcome.

Including getting through the initial character creation (which, by the way, took me three (3) tries before I was partway satisfied) I’ve logged 227 hours on this bad boy so far. Which in turn explains why I haven’t been blogging.

As I said, not the greatest excuse, but it is AN excuse.

This game is aaaaaaawwweeeeeesssssoooooooommmmmeeeeeee.

Yes. That happened.

TGIF (vol. 2): leave me alone…wait, hold on.


Sooooo….this came up a few days ago in a google.



And…I didn’t hate all of it. Just some of it. Here’s the link.

It talks about ways men can make women fall in love with them. It also brought to mind a song I was listening to just the other day that seems vaguely appropriate, so I’ve linked it below for you as well.

You’re welcome. Read More

throwback thursdays (vol. 13): in honor of the Kid


This week being the Kid’s birthday, I thought I’d dredge up a post about he and I from way back.

In the same spirit, today’s TBT picture is from waaaaay before I started blogging, in fact before he was born. Yes, that’s me. Yes, I’m pregnant.

And yes, I’m in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

You’re welcome.


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i am a fire hazard

Originally posted on: 1/14/2007

So, okay.

Based on my dear Vilate’s review of Night at the Museum, I went and picked up the Kid for the evening to go see it.

She was totally right, it is totally worth it. Even when you’re crammed into the second row in the only two seats left together in the entire auditorium.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I tried to be proactive and purchase the tickets on Fandango. Which, incidentally, does not give you access to the matinee rate, but by the time I figured that out it was too late.

So I was proactive and I got our tickets, and I went to pick up the Kid, whom I missed hanging out with last week because of the snow, and I have to tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of being hit by a fifty pound cannonball screaming “Mommy!” and throwing himself into your arms.

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yep. it still looks like sh*t.


In case you’re wondering, no, my yard and garden has not magically grown back overnight. housefront_labels

I took more pictures. Maybe I can use these as the “before” pictures when I do something about this next spring and summer. If it doesn’t just get pruned back by an over-zealous landlord, that is.

The worst is this camellia. Is it just me or does it look completely weird and lopsided now? Is this the way it’s supposed to look?

IMG_4074 IMG_4073

The rhodies also look so weird, like little stunted trees instead of plump, round bushes like they’re supposed to. The lavender bush, which was SO full and huge, is now looking like an upside down whisk broom, and all the ornamental grasses that were around it are now gone.



The rose bushes have been pruned back so hard I don’t know if they’ll grow back next year.

IMG_4070 IMG_4071


All the ground cover around the one remaining tree in my front yard is like…gone.



I think the worst is like, it’s all bare dirt now. And he said to me, “look, your curb appeal is back” like I should be super happy about it. What curb appeal? I don’t even want to look at it anymore.

He came to the door the night he cut down my tree to tell me he was leaving. I asked him what happened to the tree and he said that he was bummed too but that the maintenance crew offered to do it at no extra charge and that “it’s less maintenance” for him now, and that his wife wanted him to. I guess she thinks that the tree was compromising my security? Like how? And he mentioned that not having the tree will make it easier to put in security cameras? Great. I told him that I was really upset and disappointed and he just kept repeating how it would be easier to maintain now and that it was for “my security”. Uh…okay.

I love, love, love, LOVE my house. I don’t want to move, but jeez. That’s what I’m feeling like right now. Until now I thought my landlord was pretty great and that I was pretty lucky. Now I’m just depressed.

My yard is ugly, my tree is gone, and I didn’t ask for more security. OR cameras. Or any of it. Dammit.

jeez, i feel old.

kid and me_bw

Today is November 11th. Which is, of course, Veteran’s Day. And also: The Kid’s birthday.

There is (naturally) a 100 Miles post about the day he was born, which is now officially 14 years in the past. I really can’t believe that this face

TAY-0142Is now 14 years old. Let me spell it out for you. F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N Y-E-A-R-S O-L-D.


IMG_3094He’s the love of my life, my pride and joy, and I love him so much. It’s worth feeling old to see him growing up. I can see glimpses of the man he will become, and…I am happy. So happy.

Love you, buddy, forever. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Happy birthday.



forget twitter for dummies…is there a ‘being funny for dummies’?

I feel like I’m so much funnier in real life.

I subscribe to a bunch of blogs that frequently leave me giggling out loud, but I struggle so hard to come up with a witty-yet-meaningful comment that I paralyze myself into doing nothing. So, I’m pretty sure most of the people I follow think I’m some kind of stalker and/or cleverly disguised bot just waiting to spam them with comments like “I like so much your creativity. May I suggest to you more pictures? Buy all your auto parts here.”

(Side note: am I the only one that actually reads through the spam comments trying to determine if they really are real people that got into spam by accident?)

Because I am not, in fact, a bot, and because I do actually want to interact with the actual human beings that write the stuff I read, I have actually stewed over a potential comment for days then gone back and made one days after the post was, well posted. I figure that I kind of look like the kid that shows up a day late to the party all confused, that you kind of pity but don’t really want hanging around after the party’s over. Thankfully at least no one has asked me to go home yet.

(Does anyone else do this? Or are all of you just that spontaneously witty?)

I believe in my inner comedian, though. One day I’m going to bust out with a super funny post that everyone will love and share and comment wildly on.

I’ll start now and then maybe be done next year when it will still be totally relevant.


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