So, for the last couple of weeks, my grandpa was asking me to come look through my grandma’s stuff and take anything I wanted as mementos. I put it off for a few days, because honestly going through my grandma’s stuff – mementos or not – was just […]

Found Rockefeller

at long lost…

Forgive me, readers. It has been eighteen days since my last post. I have approximately half a million updates to share – including, but not limited to, recent travel, sparkly shinies, and sex toys. But first, best and most important: Dog was found!   Doesn’t he look SO PATHETIC […]


the non-date…redux

So last Thursday, I had had my fill of feeling sorry for myself and decided to head to my favorite karaoke spot for a little down time. Recently, I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with doing things alone. So far I’ve gone out by myself a number […]


rambling friday update

Nothing much to say today, folks. The most exciting thing that happened today was checking my spam comments folder and receiving my new bed set! As you may know, I can’t help but read through my spam comments just in case something actual might have accidentally slipped in there. Being […]


2015: you can just SUCK IT

You guys, it’s basically three weeks into the new year and already I am SO OVER IT. Seriously. After everything with my grandma, now The Dog is missing. He got freaked out after the fireworks after the Seahawks playoff win (!) and took off Sunday night, hasn’t been […]


going solo

Well, in a fit of crazy go-getted-ness, I just booked my very first solo vacation. As an aside, can I just say it felt awesome to call the VIP hotline to make my reservations? Never mind that it’s probably just their name for all the regular losers, it […]


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