100 miles

These posts are probably what I consider my best pieces of work. The most true and gut-wrenching, and also the ones that expose me the most. Exhibitionist much? Hmmm.


If you’re interested in a little 2N history, I would encourage you to read the 100 miles stuff I wrote. These began as a letter to my son, and turned into so much more.

I hope you find some sort of meaning in them, as I did in writing them.


chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five

chapter six

chapter seven

chapter eight

chapter nine

chapter ten

chapter eleven

chapter twelve

chapter thirteen

chapter fourteen

chapter fifteen

chapter sixteen

chapter seventeen

chapter eighteen

chapter nineteen

chapter twenty

chapter twenty-one

chapter twenty-two

goodbye, darling

the epilogue: road of recognition

the rewrite: a different perspective

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