2n travel: day 2

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The continuation to the much-loved 2N Guide to Travel:

10. Apparently, it’s not okay anymore to hide your lighters in your checked luggage. THREE LIGHTERS down the drain! (PS and now, i’ve got three matches left, an hour before i can even board, and people keep trying to bum a light! BRING YOUR OWN!)

11. Without fail, every single time, my flight will be late. This time, it’s a record-breaking FOUR HOURS of airport purgatory. Thank god I’m in an airport that actually has a smoking lounge IN my terminal RIGHT BY my gate. Which, incidentally, is odd because I am in the most non-smoking-est state in the country.

12. Never assume one book, three magazines, and two newspapers will be enough to keep you occupied during abovementioned stay in purgatory.

13. Carry spare pair of flip flops in humungo purse. High heels SUCK and should never have been invented. Plus much easier to take off while being anally probed when going through security.

14. Bring comfy traveling clothes. If you’re going to spend four hours in an airport, you might as well be comfy. (Refer to Day 1 Blog: traveling clothes can double as jammies to save luggage space.)

15. Concrete seats are VERY UNCOMFORTABLE after four hours of sitting on them.

16. Splurge on the $10 for wireless internet while waiting. Do 10 mins of work and it’s expensable!

17. Don’t bum smokes OR matches. You never know when you might run out. Who knows, your plane could be delayed overnight, and airport smokes are like TEN BUCKS!

Those are the lessons learned for today. 45 minutes of waiting left to go, 10 minutes used writing this blog. Maybe there’s something I can bid for on eBay.

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