5 things i hate about today: proving yet again I’m not as cool as I look

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Team, today has been a effed up day. All since I got home and almost all directly attributable to myspace. I think I might be having a bad myspace day which sucks because I LIKE myspace but it doesn’t like me. At least not today.


#1: I get this random email today from some assclown I don’t even know, who even worse lives in my hometown.

ASSCLOWN: “I want to f*** you while you suck another guy’s c***~”

2N: “I want to punch you straight in the mouth for saying filth like that to me. Consider yourself reported.”

I thought of so many better things I could have said but only AFTER I hit the “Flag as Spam/Abuse” link. So that’s bad thing #1, I got this email and then I responded with only a halfway witty comment, and then thought of something(s) better too late after the fact. Also: while I say the f word too much in real life, there is something sincerely disturbing to me to see it in print. Maybe my hidden prude showing (ack!) but whatever the reason, I now hate this guy. I want to take a shower.

#2: I can’t figure out how to view all comments on my blogs at once. I keep getting notifications that I have a new Blog Comment, but I have to click on each “Comment” link to even see if that’s the blog with the comment. I posted a question in the forum but it got derailed by someone thinking that somehow an answer to me was giving people access to her blogs. Thank goodness it wasn’t, but it still doesn’t answer my question. And I don’t want to post the question again because I don’t want to clutter up the forum. So I guess I’ll just chalk it up to #2 thing I hate about today.

#3: I have received 5 blind friend adds today, without any emails, and assorted emails from gentlemen much younger than myself (which, while flattering, is a little discouraging.). I feel I must refer back to blog #2… HOWEVER it looks as if blog #2 has been deleted. Or I’m just retarded and can’t figure out how to access my old blogs, but I think it has been deleted, which leads me to

#4: My blogs are being deleted. Which really sucks because the ones that got deleted I thought were pretty cool, but now I can’t see them. If I could get an answer on the forum, perhaps I would know why that is, but apparently that’s not in the cards for 2N today. I’m missing the one about silent dumping and the one about blind friend adds.

#5: And the very last thing I hate about today is that I am myspace’s BIGGEST LOSER. I just realized that my blogs aren’t being deleted…clicking the “Older” link tends to show you blogs that have been bumped. So I decided to leave #4 up there so you could see how upset I was, for no reason. So, the link to blog #2 which is what I was trying to find when I discovered that my blog had “disappeared” is here.

**Now I really do need to add a footnote to the blind friend adds thing. I did add 1 band and 1 person that had subscribed to my blog and sent me an email, but I have not met them in person. So I am adjusting the rule (which is great that I can do that, since it’s MY rule – when you break it, just adjust!). It now reads: In order to be added to my friends list you have to send me an email that is: a) literate; b) halfway spelled right and/or makes me laugh (both is preferable); abd c) does not reference how my boobs are falling out of the picture where I was laying down the beat down on the assclown (j/k Randy!) at my party OR the fact that I’m about to get a shirt full of alcohol. And if you’re a band, I have to like your music and you have to send me a PERSONAL email that explains why you want to be my friend, because contrary to what 1K loves to tell everyone, I’m not THAT kind of whore.**

However: I feel compelled to mention that there are several things that I am loving about today:

#1: I got new comments on my blogs! I am a new blog writer and am so excited to get that little message that says I have new blog comments. It’s difficult to FIND said comment (refer to hater thing #2), but nevertheless it’s almost as cool as getting an unexpected present or the DVD I ordered from Columbia House. You can’t wait to see what’s inside.

#2: I went to Skippers for lunch. While this might not seem to be a highlight for the majority of you, it’s huge for me because Skippers is my absolutely favorite place to eat. I remember once they changed their tartar sauce AND chowder recipe. I boycotted for six months and wrote a bazillion comment cards. All hail the power of 2N.

#3: I got my BMG CD selections today. Lots and lots of country music for me to enjoy and annoy my friends with. How pleasant! 1N and 1K are getting burned CDs of my favorite hick songs. HOW AWESOME is that?

#4: 1N posted a blog about her seventeen cent ass. Which is pure bliss, it’s even better when she tells it in person.

#5: I counted my secret crushes today, and I have, like 7. I think I will blog about them but not yet. The reason I love this is that I’m thinking that I should tell one about my secret crush to get it out of my system, and that makes me all giddy inside like I’m freaking 12 years old again and have to find a date for the Tolo. Which is another good blog topic, but not for today.

So: there is a lesson for today, and that is twofold: 1) for everything bad that happens there are good things too, and 2) always end a rant on a happy note so you can next write about something fun and not be just bitching about things like blog comments that you can’t control. 🙂

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