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So, as you may or may not know by looking at my profile, I am a Sagittarius. If you know all this horoscope crap already, then skip ahead to where I talk about my Myspace Fantasy Team, but in the meantime, a recap:

Sagittarius is a fire sign. As are Leo and Aries. According to most horoscopical descriptions (and from personal experience), Sagittarians can be summed up by using the following attributes:

  • Passionate
  • Values-oriented
  • Outspoken; honest – tactless sometimes
  • Fiercely independent; free-spirited
  • Fickle; impatient
  • Clumsy
  • Optimistic & happy

I also found the following list of attributes on this site. There’s pages and pages of crap, but I thought these were pretty straight on. At the bottom of that page, there’s links to details on other signs also. There’s also some good horoscope info at Astrology Insight. But again, I digress.

Positive Traits
Negative Traits
Frank and open Argumentative
Optimistic Impatient to be moving
Sees the best in people Critical to those that deny their talents
Honest and fair-minded A gambler at heart
Spiritual Can be a fanatic
Enthusiastuc Hotheaded
Inspiring Fails to plan adequately
Disarmingly happy Tends to preach
Stimulating Denies sadness
Happy-go-lucky Uncommitted
Holds no grudges Fears any responsibility that curtails freedom
Sensual Blundering & inept

Anyone who knows me is getting a big fat laugh out of some of those. And that’s okay, because it’s me, and I’m comfortable with who I am.

Now, based on experience and tons of books, I have found that my best matches are other fire signs. I get along okay with earth signs, as long as it’s not a romantic relationship (one of my best friends is a Capricorn), water signs are usually too serious but I have lots of fun with them (my other best friend is a Scorpio), and air signs are just confusing. However, the best match for me is really a Leo. Aries are good too, but Leos turn my insides to water (haha), seriously. The best (and most passionate, volatile, heart-crushing, and exciting) relationships I’ve ever had have been with Leos.

So I looked at my subscription list, the people’s blogs that I’m subscribed to, and I have broken them out according to their horoscopical compatibility with me, and compiled myMyspace Fantasy Team. Incidentally, I read all these blogs and almost none of them read mine, but they are still the best bloggers in this place:

My Myspace Fantasy Husband

Trendon Can See The Enemy Advancement. Here’s the only Leo on my list that is male. I think. I mean, I think he’s the only Leo, not that I think he’s a male. Frankly, it scares me that this is my Myspace Fantasy Husband. Not only does his profile music sound like a smurf on speed, but he’s never serious, way wittier than me, and I think he would beat me at arm wrestling. No doubt. But his blogs are really really funny. And he can time-travel, which will be a perk in our Myspace Fantasy Marriage.

My Myspace Fantasy Affair Behind My Myspace Fantasy Husband’s Back

Meet “Kevin’s ‘Freaking’ Sexy” (aka “David ‘Freaking’ Hasselhoff” aka “Scott ‘Freaking’ Baio”). He would be my Myspace Fantasy Husband, but he’s an Aries, not a Leo. Plus, he looks better in a bra than I do, and therefore I couldn’t take him out in public, which makes him perfect for the position of my Myspace Fantasy Affair Behind My Myspace Fantasy Husband’s Back. Plus he’s an Aries which means we would get along great.

My Myspace Fantasy Arch-Enemy

Will. Will, Will, Will. Will’s a Taurus which means that the sex would be awesome but we couldn’t be in the same room for longer than 20 minutes without disagreeing about something. But he is one of my favorite authors on Myspace and so I have to give him a position on my Fantasy Team.

My Myspace Fantasy Lesbian Lover

This is Nina. Nina is a woman (der), so she can’t be my Myspace Fantasy Husband, but she can be my Myspace Fantasy Lesbian Lover! That’s sweeter than a handful of chocolate covered raisins sitting on a sunny windowsill. Plus, if she was my lesbian lover, I’d be sure to pick up some ass-by-proxy because this woman is a man magnet. I could take her left-overs and be good to go for at least a year. I would direct you to her blogs but you have to be on her preferred list to read them. We have a special relationship, so I’m allowed.

My Myspace Fantasy Clone

Armand Assante’s Left Ventricle is my Myspace Fantasy Clone (not something I ever thought I’d say in a sentence). He’s the only fellow Sagittarian on my subscription list, which means obviously that we’re exactly the same. Plus we look alike, can’t you tell?

My Myspace Fantasy Groupie

Vilate is my pick for My Myspace Fantasy Groupie. She’s a Capricorn so is very organized and put-together, plus she probably loves her some fire signs, which is great. Undoubtedly I will someday be quite famous on myspace for my witty yet insightful blogs. This woman knows exactly how to be a groupie, and she’s damn good at it (plus she’s an excellent writer, so she can plug me in her book when she gets published). Also note, she’s preparing already because she’s pictured with a puppy just like The Dog. She also comments on my blogs, which I adore. Woot woo!

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