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Hi team. Let me tell you about my day so far. First. I was very uncomfortable! My armpit hurts like my bra was poking me there all day. Yech. My tattoo itches. I got a scratch on my contact lens and didn’t have glasses with me, so my eye was bugging me all day. For those that don’t wear contacts, having a tear or a scratch in your lens is like having an eyelash stuck to your eyeball that you can’t get out. I can stand six hours under a tattoo needle, but give me a small, irritating, everpresent pain and I am in tears from sheer frustration. Plus I was hungry. Vilate did show me how to comment with those little faces though, so that was cool.

Now for those mother types out there that read yesterday’s blog and are concerned that I don’t get enough to eat, I will clarify: I do know how to cook. Just mostly, I don’t like to cook only for myself. I hate leftovers, and I never can make stuff that’s just enough to eat. There are only two kinds of leftovers I like: Skippers, and spaghetti. So…I cooked. Tonight! I cooked spaghetti. YUM if I do say so myself.

Next, I posted a blog about my Myspace Fantasy Team. It’s pretty good I think. I was even thinking of putting it in the “Plug Yourself Here” forum in the Top Bloggers Group. I’ll have to see though because the idea of plugging myself (that word DOES get more and more wierd the more I use it!) just makes me feel awkward.

During my blog ranking perusal, I received some emails that will easily top the ones I posted in this blog. I’m waiting a couple of days for their stalking to die down before I post them. I need a series name so that I can do this on a regular basis.

Then for some reason I got the urge to see where my recent blog ranked amongst the “Top Blogs” list. Being uncharacteristically pessimistic, I started at the very end, page 1649. I made it to 1590-something before I got SUPER optimistic and went to the first page. I’m currently on page 72 and no 2N yet (note, I made it to page 92 before I gave up).

My trip through the blogs posted yesterday (the rankings are updated daily I guess) wasn’t all sad though! Oh no! I found more Harry Potter monikers, party advertisements, and more boobs on display than you can shake a penciled dick at. I also saw some very interesting titles and names. Some of my favorites:

  • “A picture of my penis for all to see!” – posted (most appropriately) by Special K.
  • “hOeZ R cHeAp BuT tAlK iS cHeApEr!!!” – posted by (`._CoMe tOuCh DiS 3rd cOaSt bOi_.). The sheer effort it took to write the blog title, let alone the name, is staggering.
  • “this is my view of Sluts and Bitches” – posted by Retro_Active. Now, I had to go visit this one, because the girl looks, well, twelve. She shouldn’t even KNOW those words!
  • “Right about now Id love to fuck Paris Hilton…” – posted by frustrated rock guitarist. Added for sheer poor taste.
  • “Michael Jackson Video Of The Day (part 2) ~”What More Can I Give”~ “ – posted by Steph-(`v)-. Good lord, the woman is holding a cardboard cutout of Michael J in her default pic.
  • “highly aquatic bulldogs & the existential potential of experimental elevator entertainment” – posted by ATTENTION. DEFICIT. DISORDER. I don’t even think I know what all those words mean.

I then decided that I need to do a catalog of blogs, if only for myself, because it took me ten minutes to find the blog that I’m referencing in my link above. So look forward to that, might even make a third blog later tonight, and I will post the emails tomorrow. Toodles!

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