solid gold

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Sometimes, I experience absolutely perfect moments. I treasure them because I remember everything about them…from what I was wearing, to what I was thinking, to what music I was listening to…everything. I hang on to them with all my might, because for me, with my notoriously poor memory, moments like that are like gold.

At the beginning of what could possibly turn into a relationship, those perfect moments are precious. Before you know what’s going to happen, before anything goes wrong, before your first fight, before anything bad or unforgivable, those moments are the ones that you remember when reality sets in and all the mundane details become the stuff of everyday life. I had a series of perfect moments today; so many, in fact, that all the witty and funny things I was going to write about went clear out of my head (there’s only so much room, you know). So I’m thinking that if I blog about it, then go take a nap, I will be once more in the frame of mind where I can more satisfyingly mock the emails I received yesterday that I’ve been dying to show you guys.

So that’s all I have to say for now, just that, and…thanks for those moments. Be back after my nap. Ciao!

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