“sick as a dog” takes on an entirely new meaning

Okay, so. The Dog is sick. Pretty effin sick, which sucks but also makes me really really glad I decided to take him today. It also means that I won’t be doing the tattoo thing this week, since my dog’s health trumps me getting more ink on my back. Yay for me and my philanthropic ass.

So the vet isn’t sure yet exactly what he’s got, but he mentioned intestinal virus and Parvovirus in the same sentence, which is freaking me out. The good news is that he’s keeping his fluids down, and as long as he does that, I can treat him at home and don’t have to have him go stay at the doggie hospital and be on IV’s. Which would be heartbreaking in addition to highly expensive. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that he continues to do okay in that area.

So I have this syringey thing that I’m supposed to use to deliver Pedialyte to him every hour. Two syringe-fuls every hour. I’ve done two so far and I can tell he hates me already. He’s peeing like a race-horse too, have to keep a very close eye on him to make sure that he doesn’t pee in the house. He’s so lethargic that he would just pee himself and that’s no fun for anyone. But so far, no vomit or blood in the poo. Collecting one poo sample a day is my limit, so that is also good news.

I’ll post pics later but in the meantime I have to work a little bit and also deliver another electrolyte-laden syringe. Wish me luck.


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