flashmobs and friend requests…PARTICIPATE!

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Team! My favorite hater has come through with the goods. Look above! For your viewing pleasure, I now have a clickie-subscribey-logo-picture-thingie. Scott made it for me, and now I hate him just as much as he hates me. He’ll do it for you too, only you have to kiss his feet and send him Oreos.

Or you guys do, at any rate.

Luckily, between Scott (logo) and Will (slogan), I no longer have to be creative on my own blog. Maybe soon I can get important enough that I have someone come write my blog for me. God knows I keep finding errors on the 100 Miles where I forgot to replace someone’s name and have to go back and edit real quick. So it might actually be more entertaining that way.

Okay what do I owe you guys? I posted two chapters in 100 Miles today, which were quite enough controversy for one day. I need to do a Fantastic Sex, which by the way, WAS all completed but I tried to email it to myself from work and somehow it got lost on the way. Someone got themselves an eyeful if it was misdirected. So I’m rewriting that and it’s almost done. I think I should do another Tales From The Inbox soon, but I need some more wackos to email me. They have sadly been in short supply lately. Although there’s some pretty humorous comments on my profile right now. I did promise a recap of Ice Age 2, I guess. I’m not feeling real motivated to do that right now. Hopefully you’ll forgive me that one.

I want to do something interactive, but I don’t think I have enough readers for that. And the last time I tried to get interactive you guys all ignored me and focused on all my non-witty responses to Brian’s email. Which was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I want to do some sort of like, “Ask 2N Anything”. I figure enough people do those that it’s not pirating.

By the way. You guys ever heard of flashmobs? This is something new to me, but you can read all about it here and here, or here’s a recap:

“…That fad is the flash mob, which, according to a definition hastily added in 2004 to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a public gathering of complete strangers, organized via the Internet or mobile phone, who perform a pointless act and then disperse again. In fact the flash mob, which dates back only to June 2003, had almost entirely died out by that same winter, despite its having spread during those few months to all the world’s continents save Antarctica. Not only was the flash mob a vacuous fad; it was, in its very form (pointless aggregation and then dispersal), intended as a metaphor for the hollow hipster culture that spawned it.”
From an article by Bill Wasik (inventor of flash mobs) in Harper’s.

Interesting concept. Brings to mind a “herd of sheep” or “alone we are nothing, together we are crazy” sort of saying. So my dear friend Aaron is organizing one for downtown Tacoma. I have promised to post a bulletin advertising said flash mob, in return for netting a spot in his Top 8 as well as the chance to squirt silly string in his eye. Too good a deal to pass up, I say.

I’m in a pretty generous mood, so I think I’m going to approve the six pending friend requests in my inbox and see what I get. I did that last week, and for the results: again, check my comments. Perhaps I’ll make it a week-long bonanza: I will approve any and all friend requests for one week only*.

What else? What’s a game I can play? What would you guys participate in? I figure I have one more blog in me tonight. If you don’t decide it’ll be another review of what’s in my fridge. Seriously.

I do reserve the right to reject based on photographical content, unoriginality, general creepiness, or any such similar factors.

Say something!

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