ebay jackers

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To all the assholes out there who have ever gone onto Ebay and bid on an item when it has less than one minute to go in the auction: I. Hate. You.

If you have ever stolen a camera from someone who has patiently waited for four days and played by the rules by bidding like they’re supposed to: I. Hate. You.

You have ruined my faith in Ebay forever. I am crushed, heartbroken, despondent. You deserve to have the fucker break into a million bitty pieces before it is delivered to your house by Ace Ventura, who then steals your fucking dog and breaks your car windshield with a baseball bat.

Truly, you do.

The good news is: I found another one for ONLY fifty more dollars. I was effing pissed though! I was SO excited to win my first Ebay auction and some asshole came in with less than a minute to go, and outbid me for a mutherfuckin’ dollar. Jerkoff.

My camera will be here in 2-3 days, though. So that’s the upside. I did the “Buy It Now” thing. Fuck that bidding nonsense. That’s for retard masochists that like having their dreams ripped away with less than a minute to go. Sold down the river. For a dollar! I tell ya.

I think that the response to my interior monologue was such that I shall write another. Not today, though. Today is reserved for hating Ebay Jackers.

Whew! Now that I have that out of my system: I shall go read blogs and return with many good links and interesting stuff.

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