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ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Hi everyone. I’m a little bummed at the moment and I don’t think I’m up to posting a 100 Miles. Chapter Fourteen is all the mushy happy feeling one and I just can’t get into it tonight. I am also going to start heavily editing it too because it’s getting a little close to home now. Don’t worry, I’ll still include the goods, but it will revolve mostly around the Kid and me.

So. I got nothin’ for ya tonight.

I don’t even have any links for you. I have read no blogs. I have made no comments. I apologize for this.

The N’s did some heavy duty summer preparation tonight. We cleaned the boat, brought out the BBQ and patio furniture, had several tasty alcoholic beverages…all is in readiness for summer. I. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

Of course, this weekend’s weather is supposed to suck ass.

But Memorial Day is coming soon. And, oh. Fun times.

I’m supposed to get my camera that is the replacement for the one that got jacked either tomorrow or Friday. Very excited about that. I will then be able to take the promised pictures of my tattoo work I got done on Sunday. It’s looking pretty damn rad and I’m very excited. I’m hoping to run into that chick again. Maybe this time I will punch her in the mouth.

Anyway I think I shall proceed to get very, very drunk. And then perhaps I will feel like commenting. So comment here, and blog something, and I will attempt to haul my drunken ass up these stairs after I’m done with laundry and shall comment wildly and with abandon (to quote my good friend Vilate, who deserves your comments much more than I.)

I’m feeling better already.

Mush out.

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