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There is nothing funnier to me than the typos that I and others make when we are trying to type too fast. I also like to make up abbreviations and words or phrases. I have a vast collection of words from various emails, IM conversations, text messages, and blogging that I thought I’d share with you so that when I use them, you’ll know what the hell I’m talking about.

Last updated: 5/13/06

11/29/12: Sadly, most if not all of the links below no longer work, due to the untimely demise of the linked MySpaz accounts. I leave them linked here solely in fond remembrance of happy times, and to indicate that there WAS at one time a bona-fide source for most of these terms.

Mush on.

assholery – noun. The behavior of assholes, as coined by Fair Maiden Corrine. See also: jackassery.

boypretties – noun. The term for fabulously attractive male eye-candy. “We watched boypretties all night.” Can also be used as a verb, as in the action of boypretty watching: “We sat around and boyprettied all night.”

commentgasm – noun. 1) To have a plethora of comments on a single blog. 2) to have a singularly awesome and rad comment from someone. “I logged in, and yayitol! I had a total commentgasm!”

compture – noun. Typo of “computer”, also from the Smart car blog“Vilate enjoys zooming around town on her compture chair.”

darnitol– exclamation. Used as in ‘Darnitol to heck!’. First coined and fully defined by Rocketman & SecondHandMuse here.See also: yayitol.

ded – adjective. The state of being killed from excessive giggling. “You kilt me, I’m ded.”

drunked – adjective or verb. 1) To be very drunk (intoxicated). 2) To receive a drunked comment on a blog. First discovered in the Drunked Guitar Licker blog, then Tania put new meaning to it in the comments of Rocketman’s blog. “I was so drunked that I decided that fixing the toilet in the women’s bathroom was an extremely good idea.” or “Holy shit! I’ve been drunked again by 2N!”

fcku!– exclamation. Used to express extreme dismay, when even “Fuck!” won’t cut it. First invented by Lover of 3 Enchiladas in his creative pimpin’ blog“Fcku! The Rocketman exclaimed!”

fermentation-infused discourse – phrase. First invented by Rocketman in his blog about why he is unable to blog. This is what happens when you get drunked and try to hold a conversation. See also: drunkedmush out.

For Goth’s Sake – exclamation. Used similarly to “For God’s sake.” Although we are elevating the goth scene to religious status with this addition to the lexicon, I deem it okay since we are at the same time sounding like someone with an outrageous lisp and a mouthful of marbles. Used by Rocketman in his 100 word blog about goths.

frist – adjective (?). Yet another typo, meaning, of course, “first”. Also can be used as a verb, fristed. Typically used to describe being first to comment on a blog, but can be used in other scenarios as well. Ex1: “I’m frist! I’m frist!” or “I was fristed by the Rocketman this morning. He left me a big long comment at the top of the list.”

guilt-ridden – verb. Sex given as a result of pity for the recipient or in remorse by the giver.  Ex1: ‘She’d been following me around all night.  I felt bad so I made sure she was guilt-ridden.‘ Ex2: ‘I showed up an hour late and spilled my wine on him.  It was terrible.  So I left thim guilt-ridden.  It was the least I could do.

insanitard or insanitrad – noun. Crazy tards (or trads) on speed.

jackassery – noun. See assholery and insert ‘jackasses’ in place of ‘assholes’.

less-than-threes – spelled out description of <3. Which are, we’re assuming, hearts.

lmaop – abbreviation. Coined my Rocketman in IM conversation. We determined that it means, “laughing my ass off permanently”. Can replace use of “LMAO LMAO”, “lololol”, and “lolorz”.

lololol/ – phrase. The drunked version of “laughing out loud” – one of the l’s is leaning over. First discovered in IM with Vilate.

Mush On – phrase. See also: mush out. Used similarly to “rock on”; meaning to encourage someone in their mushiness. “Dude, you’re like, blogging your heart out. Mush on, dude.”

Mush Out – phrase. See also: mush on. Used similarly to “over and out”. Used to indicate that the mushiness is ended, and regular conversation can resume. First invented in the blog where I complained a lot“Dude, you’re like the best blogger ever. Mush out.”

MySpaz – noun. Take a guess. It doesn’t even need a sentence.

MySpazCadets – noun, plural or MySpazCadet, singular. The affectionate term for the population of MySpaz. See also: MySpacians

Offs – abbreviation. Also from saving time in IM, it stands for “oh for fuck’s sake”. As in, “I have another boring meeting. Offs.”

Oftlop – abbreviation. Stands for “oh for the love of pete.”. First used in IM to save time. “Myspace just crashed in the middle of typing my blog. Oftlop.”

OMM – abbreviation. Stands for “Oh My Marc” and was first invented during the creation of the Marc Broussard Groupie Application answers“OMM! You’re my favorite band ever!”

Opie kay  phrase. Bastardization of “opk”, which is a typo of “ok”. First discovered in IM conversation. “2N, we’re going to go out and get drunk tonight.” “Opie kay. Mush out.”

rad  – adjective. Currently the most-used adjective to describe something that is so cool that no other adjective will suffice. Opposites: un-radanti-rad. “Something bad happened…very un-rad.”

rantrantrantrantrant – noun or exclamation substituted for complete passage: abbreviated version of an individual’s ranting. Said aloud sounds like ranting noises of someone you’ve partially tuned out.

rehearsing the conception of children (RTCOC) – phrase/verb – invented by The Rocketman as an intellectual reference to fucking your brains out – often occurs as a result of fermentation-induced discourse and drunkedness.

sayed – verb. Typo of “say” or “said”. Past and present tense can be used interchangeably. Invented by No N in IM conversation. “I love you guys. There, I sayed it!” or “That’s the awesomest thing ever, I sayed!”

That pucks! – phrase. Typo of “that sucks!”. First discovered in text message. “Holy cow! That totally pucks!”

The Family von N – phrase. First coined by Pope, this refers to my best friends No N and 1N. We are, collectively, “The Family von N”, or simply just “The N’s”. “Hanging out with the Family von N is the most fun a dude could ever have.”Synonyms: The Coven Of KickasseryThe N’s

Trad – noun. Bastardization of “tard”. Used to describe myself (usually) or someone else that is acting like a dork, a nerd, or geek. First discovered in IM conversation with No N. See also: vremin“Dude, I just fell down the stairs. I’m such a trad.” Alternative forms: traddishtradedretraded.

Twoennenite – noun. Member of the High Church of 2N. “Rocketman is preaching to all faithful Twoennenites on Sunday evenings, following the standard tasty alcohlolic beverage-snack.”

Vremin – noun. Misspelling of “vermin”. Used in conjunction with “trad”. Used to indicate persons of dubious reputation. “I am surrounded by trads and vremins.”

yayitol – exclamation of excitement upon receiving a compliment from The Rocketman as coined by SecondHandMuse in response to The Rocketman’s blog which introduced DARNITOL.

Yis – phrase. Actual spelling of how I say “yes” sometimes. It’s supposed to be cute. Sometimes it actually is. “2N, did you get drunk last night?” “Yis. It was beautiful.”

There you have it, folks. Use and enjoy.

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