blue olives, stalkers, and appreciation

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QUITE ENOUGH mush for one day, okay? Sheesh!

So the other day, I met up with my dear friend, and fellow Canuck, Rick.


We went to the Blue Olive in downtown Tacoma. This is one of the few places that you can actually find a table outside on a beautiful evening and not be sitting with someone’s elbow up your ass and their hair in your food because the tables are packed so closely.




I had this fabulous beverage called something I can’t remember, but it had peach schnapps and vanilla vodka. Rick had a vanilla lemon mojito. Which, when you’ve had a few, is always pronounced mo-HEEEEET-oh really loudly on the HEEEET. I know. I did it. All evening.

We shared bistro fries and a plate of ginger teriyaki beef. ONLY my favorite appetizer there! We caught up on recent events (his girlfriend is getting a new apartment) and then afterwards walked past the Tacoma Glass Museum.


Fun times.

So I was thinking the other day. I haven’t been blogging very long. A couple/three months, maybe.

And in that time, I have done lots of things:

  • Reconnected with two old friends that I haven’t talked to in years.
  • Got a first reader.
  • Made several new really good friends.
  • Written more about my life than I ever thought anyone would be interested in.
  • Acquired some bossy tendencies, and a blog stalker! (Trust me, you have to read this!) Who, by the way, is hereafter to be referred to in this blog as “2A”.
  • Celebrated my 101st blog.
  • Had a church named after me, and acquired a High Priest and Most Excellent Excellency, plus various Disciples.
  • Read tons of awesome blogs by my new friends.
  • Became closer to existing “real life” friends.
  • Established a Lexicon.
  • Doodled my little heart out.
  • Irritated the Family von N with the sheer volume of blogs I produce.
  • Gotten recognized for something that I never really considered myself to be anything out of the ordinary at – writing.

So basically, it’s been really really awesome and a great experience so far. And I really appreciate all you guys that read, and enjoy, and take to heart, and get mushy about, and laugh about, and comment on, and send me emails about, or just take in my blogs. It means a lot and I appreciate you!

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