okay already

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I drove past my own driveway tonight.

I was three frickin’ houses down before I figured it out. I suck.

In other news, however, I have been unjustly accused of losing my edge as of late. As in, I am in danger of losing my reputation as the queen of the dirty, mouthy, hookers.

This is distressing, to say the least.

I have been enjoined to stop the mush! Talk about boobs, and peeing in public, and even…*gasp*! chicken wings.

Okay I will. I will blog about all those things. And more. Give me ideas in comments.

But first, I have also been asked to share some poetry. Which, as we all know, can get mushy, sad, and evendepressing.

Nevertheless! I have endeavored to collect two po-ems for your reading pleasure this evening. One, written tonight, one posted before but taken down before anyone had really much of a chance to read it. Enjoy. And then after, tell me what you really want to hear about.

Like Lightning

Like lightning
As it kisses a tree trunk
I am split asunder
Sap everywhere
Amongst the flowers and the sunshine air
Trying to cover myself
To no avail
You open me
You make me see
I am remade, I am broken
And made again
Your voice is purring in my ear
And I think, “I’m going to die,”
Because I like it that much
Unreality swamps me
Like a tidal wave
Crashing home
Like a hurricane, sweeping me up
I’m lost
Where did you go?
I need you here
And you are.
I’m swinging
And I melt
When I look in your eyes.

Only Me

I love daffodils and sunshine
And walking in the rain
Roses make me weak
And I get drunk on champagne
I love the feel of skin on skin
And the whisper of my name
I love nakedness and laughter
And bodies lined in candle flames
I wear long skirts with combat boots
I let my frizzy hair fly free
I laugh a lot and cry sometimes
But all of this is me

I understand what pain means
And I don’t know how to love
I color my dreams with crayons
And draw happy faces in the suns
I take wrong turns sometimes
Or maybe I’m just blind
I get lost sometimes, and scared
And sometimes I leave my mind behind
Sometimes I have trouble breathing
And sometimes it’s too dark to see
I have to feel my way, and sometimes I fall
But still, it’s only me

Some mornings I oversleep
And some nights I just cant
I smoke cigarettes and sing too loud
And I have stripes on my pants
I make jokes when I should be silent
I don’t speak when I should
Sometimes I just dont think at all
And sometimes I wish I could
But I smile when I think of you
You’re always on my mind
You scare me and love me and please me and hold me
Even though
It’s only me

So really. Tell me what to talk about.

Say something!

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