i’m a slacker. seriously.

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Dearest Readers:

Please excuse my recent laxity in providing bits of bloggity goodness for you to peruse in between things like work, picking your noses, and bathroom breaks. It breaks my heart (in a very limited way) to deny you these glimpses into my mostly deranged (and yet, according to Mestophales, spiritually enlightened) mind.

However, I can only state that I miss you and I plan to return to a more regular blogging schedule soon, but recently my time has been a little occupied with things other than staring blankly at a computer screen, happily burning brain cells. Never fear, however, my time has been most pleasurably spent in other pursuits; nothing so dreary as “work” or “domestic duties”.

I will still endeavor to bring to you at least a blog every other day, but for those of you concerned (and thank you, by the way), everything is a-okay and I am not suffering from anything irremedial, or even anything remotely bad. It’s all good, baby.


I discovered a blogger the other day that I should have been all over long ago, and for this I shall be doing much penance, but if you’re not already familiar with The Ineffable Aces, then I suggest you do so asap. Don’t wait as long as I did to experience the wonderment and sheer laugh-out-loudability that IS this paragon of bloggers.

Sorry, Aces. Hope that makes up for it.

In other news: I am getting fed tonight. No N has been slaving over a frozen lasagna all evening that has my name written all over it. I shall take my laptop with me to her home and see if it won’t be too rude to log on and view all the blogs I have waiting for me, but if it is determined that this would indeed constitute a serious breach of our friendship, you may all need to wait another day for my comments. Which I know you treasure dearly.

I also need to compile another 100 Miles. I have tried really hard to blog at work but it just isn’t happening. In between IMming, smoke breaks, filing my nails and responding to all the jokes I get, I can barely find time to go to the bathroom. And trust me, you don’t want a blog generated out of frustration because I put off a smoke break. So I shall try to make one tonight.

In the meantime, try these ones on for size and I shall blog at you later:

  • Where Vilate answers my insightful and (inspired in part by Rocketman) awesomely rad questions
  • The indescribably talented and eloquent Lilibet: the youngest blogger I read
  • Where the Rocketman answers my equally insightful (and inspired in part by Vilate) awesomely rad questions
  • Wherein nathan discusses his precious bottom and discontinues the whole “answering comments” thing

Adios, mon amis.

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