drunkedness is frinkin’ rad

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It has been a banner couple of days. This here’s the third blog in twenty-four hours, and can I just say I had a freaking commentgasm when I got home and saw all the comments that had been posted during my work-day hours? You guys are frickin’ awesome.

So I have to share with you my absolute favorite drunked email ever. Today and yesterday I was blessed with drunked IM’s with Rocketman and drunked emails from Sirensong, only two of my favorite bloggers on MySpaz.

Preface: Sirensong has picked up on the drunkeding with great enthusiasm and even: serious gusto. If you look at my profile, I have several examples of said drunkeding. Bless her heart, I look forward to these comments every freaking day. Lucky for me, she seems willing to oblige by liberally applying wine and other alcoholic beverages down her gullet.

When this happens, I get this:


From: Sirensong

Date: May 22, 2006 1:02 AM

ok – i’m drunk as hell buut I have sdome questions.

1- hw do you expand your friend list to more than 8 and change the number count to something cute like “lOTs in lots”

2) how do you dso that blog sucbscriobe banner thingy?


I was so pleased, I laughed and laughed, then informed her that this was the ultimate drunked email and I was posting it in my blog. So satisfying.

My next drunked conversation occurred tonight over IM with the inestimable Rocketman, High Priest of the Church of 2N.

The entire conversation is too long to post, and plus it contains several Church secrets that I would be forced to kill you for if I revealed them, so suffice to say that the conversation resulted in little gems of this nature:

  • “ok – the effing smiley ads that talk when you roll over them freak me out and piss me off”
  • “Ms Rocketman passed away as a result of The Rocketman’s embarrassing drunked MySpacing”
  • [we are] “talking about the liberal discomposure and lack of filter when applying wine to The Rocketman”
  • “see there – I still use big words”
  • A new Lexicon word: frinkin’
  • “(the ‘eh’ is a nod at your Canadian bits – heh heh)”
  • “I’m invinceable”

I’m sure that if you were me, you’d be laughing much harder than you are, because it really is kind of a “you had to be there moment”, but I soooo needed to share.

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