oh for godness sakes, i;m drunked and can’t think f a subject

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This is a drunked blog. If there are typos, I won’t notice them till tomorrow. So I need your forbearance till then. See, I still use big words.

Holy shit, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard in weeks as I did tonight. The Family had to load me in the back seat, I was laughing so hard. At nothing. And apparently I was also “flailing about” because afyter dropping off 1N, I couldn’t move to the front seat without promising not to flail anymore. I didn’t know that I have the tendency to flail when intoxicated. But apparently I do.

Apparently I also fell up my stairs while trying to unlock my door. The Dog had a fun time licking my face till I got up. Note to self: don’t try unlocking door, falling on face, and answering phone at the same time.

Me, I made sure to get before and after pictures for you guys. It turned into a frickin’ comic strip. I hope you enjoy, because tomorrow when i log in and see what I posted in my drnuked state, I I will prolly take it down.

I see typos. But they’re funny so I shall leave them.

Okay so No N was our driver. This meant that 1N and 2N were gettign spectacularly (sp?) intoxicated. Here’s the before:

This is how the night progressed:

Semi okay.
Finally. Peace and quiet. Mouthy hookers.

I know I have some spectacular typos. But how many bloggers you know can be drunked and yet post a picture blog at the same time?

Thaz wha’ I thought, bitches.

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