yeah, so….THAT happened.

I hate my computer.

I hate myspaz.

Second time in two days I have lost the entire contents of a blog. Irrecoverable bits of my thought process. You should stage a protest at losing TWO such gems due to the fallibility of Windows Explorer and MySpaz running on my inferior PC.

The other day I was talking about my OCD tendencies, complete with pictures, when somehow I lost the blog between “preview” and :”publish”. I lost interest after that.

This one was a recap of Rocketman’s demise and a whole bunch of ass kissing for LFB.

*Sigh* I’ve lost interest for that too. It’s 12:05 and I’m at home, STILL WORKING, by the way. I’m blogging and commenting as I am waiting for queries to run. It is altogether lame, boring, and my brain is totally fried. So don’t take the “losing interest” thing to heart, dear LFB bloggers, I’m just really tired.

Anyway. I’m not nearly as bummed as I might sound, I’m actually pretty happy. Just tired. And bored with this query running thing, but I promise to blog something fun tomorrow.

Till then!

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