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I’m feeling…blah today. I think that’s the only way to describe it. I have nothing funny to relate, nothing interesting that happened to me, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

So this is a blog about nothing, really.

So theoretically, if Seinfeld could be a show about nothing, and be insanely popular, then a 2N blog about nothing should at least be amusing, right? A little entertaining, perhaps? Hmmmm. Somehow I’m not buying into that whole scenario.

So I went and got my hair cut today. It’s a little shorter than it’s been in a while. Which isn’t bad, I think it’s purty cute:


Thanks, Hope. You did a fabulous job as usual.

Meeps got his hair cut too. Looking equally fabulous. The Kid got a faux-hawk as well. The three of us left the beauty salon looking like a trio of sticky-uppy, very trendy people. Fun times.

So okay, my last 100 Miles got pulled from the rankings. Not sure why…because I was talking about childbirth? Because I mentioned telling a pregnant lady to fuck off? Who knows.

I do, however, beleive that this is a fitting end to the series. It was fun, and hopefully entertaining, and what better anticlimactic end could it have? Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who read it and liked it (and even the people that didn’t), and sent me emails and comments telling me how it affected you. Writing and posting it was definitely one of the better experiences of my life, without a doubt. Sincerely, thank you.

Never fear, however; I have decided that I would indeed like to make it into a book. To that end, I have started rewriting it, but from the third person instead of the first person. I’m hoping that in doing that, I can flesh out the other characters more, and make it a little more fictional, a little less…in your face. I don’t know if it will work. But I’m going to try. I have the first chapter done, do you guys want to see it?

I’ve also got an “in” with an online publishing group. Not sure exactly how well it will work, but as I learn more and when my book gets up there, I’ll be sure to let you guys know so you can buy it and support yet another would-be author.

Oooh my, I’m a little bitter today too I think. Maybe not bitter, maybe just…eh. I dunno. I defy description most days, why not today also?

What else?

I got nothin’. Seriously.

That being the case, I have done my duty and researched some blogs that actually are worth reading:

Okay, that’s all I got (lest I be accused of pimping the same bloggers over and over and over). Plus, it’s a weekend. Give me a break, people.

I might post something suitably angsty later, stay tuned. Or perhaps my son will do something blog-worthy. I dunno. Enjoy your Sunday.

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