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a whole lotta nuthin’


I am a little drunked.

Okay fine, a lot.

For instance, I am on my second bottle of Chateau St. Michelle’s Gewurztraminer. The first was started, oh, around 3 PM during today’s boating expedition. Here’s what I love about this wine. Number one, it’s a white, but it’s not super dry. 2N is not a big fan of the super dry wines. Secondly, it’s like, five bucks a bottle with my Safeway Club Card. Which is excellent on the budget. Thirdly…well. Really, I’m sure you get the picture.

At any rate.

I went boating today. I’m covered in salt water and sunburn, and I love it.

Here’s pics:

Mount Rainier
Interesting boater-types that we tied the boat to.

The Kid caught himself a big ol’ fish.

Yours truly. More self portait-ing.

And this picture is just frinkin’ rad.

Okay, also: if you didn’t get Will’s bulletin about the big blog voting thingie, go here. You can vote for the best blogger on Myspaz, as well as get exposed to some really really good blogs. So do it.

I would love to tell you to vote for me, but the reality is that if you didn’t already think of it, then God forbid I should put such an idea in your head. Plus, you really should want to go check it out just for the good bloggers listed there.

Okay what else? Oh, right. I need you to check this out, being as I’m Canadian and all. If I was as cool as others here on MySpaz, I’d be able to link the vid right here into my blog, but I can’t; so I’ll just provide you with the link. Go here.

FYI this frickin’ blog took me forty-seven minutes to type.


Can someone tell me how to get the kitty icons for my mood thingie?

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