full house? save me…PLEASE!

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So my son turns on Nick at Nite, then goes to bed, leaving me here MySpazzing and suddenly realizing that my TV screen is currently populated with a young John Stamos, Mary-Kate (or Ashley) and Candace Whoever. Cameron? I don’t know. Plus loads of bad acting that as a kid, I just thought was the RADDEST! Little did I know that the raddest stuff was actually waiting for me on MySpace, years later.

I have blogged out I think three of the however many topics I said I was going to do last week, and to those I am going to add a couple more soapboxes, and I figure we are all waaaaaaayyy overdue for some photoblogs. Had my tattoo appointments (2!) this week not been cancelled, I would have some fabulous pics of more tattoo work, but alas. Apparently being 2N with the badass tattoo that needs to be finished doesn’t carry as much weight as one could hope.

I do have to say that my son is very proud that he has remembered that I am almost thirty, and has taken to reminding me of this fact at least five times today. Lovely.

He also advised me that a boy kissed him in school today. I wonder about that. He says it was on the cheek. Is it just me, or is this type of thing not something we needed to worry about when we were in preschool? Hmmm?

I did, however, just receive an email, and all it said was, “Very kind eyes you got.” Which, granted, is not the most verbose or skillful of come-on lines, but it did give me a warm fuzzy. Not enough that I feel the need to respond, but still very nice.

All in all, it has been a very up-and-down day. Week, even. Lots of things I’ve been chewing on in my brain lately, some of it is sure to make it out here sooner or later, but first I want to do some fluff pieces and see if I can lose me another few readers. Just kidding, really. Don’t unsubscribe just to teach me a lesson. I promise I won’t learn anything.

Boating tomorrow. Softball on Sunday. Big weekend. Fun times. Enjoy your day!

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