of bras and rankings

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Folks, I am blogging by proxy today. See how dedicated I am?

It’s been way too long since I posted so I figure, it’s time to do so, even though I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to say today.

would like, however, to point out that the Dog has chewed up exactly two of my bras. Now, these are Macy’s bras, I forget what brand name, but we’ll just say they’re not exactly cheap. And the Dog has now made his toothy way through two of them. I do believe it is the first time in the history of the domesticated canine that a Dog has been bitch-slapped with a chewed up bra, wielded by one very frustrated Dog owner. I can only assume this is in retaliation for the fact that he is no longer allowed to sleep on the bed on a regular basis.

I promised him we’d go to the park today when I got home from work. He just kind of looked at me, then turned around and trotted back into the house, no doubt on his way to find another bra that is more tasty than the ones he has thus far ruined.

So I have no real reason why I haven’t blogged recently, mostly I think because I’ve been feeling a little stressed out. This is a new sensation for me, because seriously, I have mastered the art of either tuning out the stress or playing the whole “head in the sand”, “I’ll think about it tomorrow” (a la Scarlett O’Hara, minus the hoop skirts and overall melodrama). (Oh, and minus Clark Gable.)

At any rate, things have been coming to a head in several different areas recently which has resulted in a lack of blogging from 2N. However, I’m feeling like I have a plan and some solutions and I have started getting things back on track so please look forward to more frequent bits of bloggity goodness from your favorite blogger. That’s me, FYI.

So, if you look at my comment page and see the comment from my dear arch-nemesis Will, you will see that I have had my fleeting moment in the limelight – and Will was kind enough to immortalize the moment for me in comments.

Go ahead, go look. I’ll wait.

Go ahead.

Okay. Cool huh! I couldn’t beleive it either.

Somehow, yours truly actually spent some small period of time as the #1 ranked blogger in the recent round of blog voting. I have no idea how this happened, but seeing my name up there with a big fat #1 next to it (plus the fact that for just a second, I actually outranked Kevin’s “Freaking” Whatever…I mean, really!) was definitely a little bit of excitement for my otherwise drab week. Fortunately for my ego and my ability to walk through small doorways, I am falling fast which just means that more votes are coming in where I’m on people’s lists but not necessarily at the very top. All of which means that I’m on people’s lists at all, which is pretty frickin’ cool, if you ask me.

So regardless of what you think of the rankings and the votes or whatever, thanks to everyone for reading. It makes me feel supercool and valued, and for that I appreciate you guys.

Okay, enough mushy shit. I’m done.

I think that’s about it. You’re now more or less up to speed on the inner workings of the 2N mind. More or less. I’m not up to posting anything deep at the moment, but I can try to muster something up tomorrow. How’s that?

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