i fought the dock, but the dock won

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So here’s another hard-learned lesson from 2N:

Docks are hard, generally non-spongy surfaces not meant for the type of wrestling supermove demonstrated below:

Photo courtesy of this site.
Photo courtesy of this site.

That’s right, team. I am slowly, laboriously, PAINSTAKINGLY typing this blog with my left hand because of the ginormous splint (soon-to-be ginormous plaster cast) that encases my right arm from the wrist to the shoulder.

I have an occult fracture to my radial end, possibly other areas but they can’t tell because of the fat packs.

In laymans terms:

This means I fractured at least my elbow, if not more, but they can’t tell because of the swelling.


So that’s why I haven’t blogged or commented or done much of anything except down percosets like candy and bitch and moan a lot.

I fully intend to tell the story. I have lots of emergency room anecdotes to share with you as well. But, where before ripping out a whole two pages of blog was like falling off a boat (har har), now those same two pages stretch ahead of me like Mount Everest and I’ve only got one arm to climb with. So forgive me if all you get is this quick update for now.

I promise pics and anecdotes soon, like maybe tomorrow. For now I’m going to go take more drugs and attempt to comment on some blogs.

Yeah, Happy Fourth of July!

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