update on the accident-prone one

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Dudes, there is nothing like breaking your arm and getting all drugged up to make you completely lose track of cleaning your house and totally bag out on your friends. Nothing like it.

I have discovered that if I maneuver my arm over the keyboard and prop it up, I can move my fingers just enough to assist in the 2N typing effort. I still can’t button my pants, apply deodorant (although per Tina that’s a good thing), or drive my stick shift car very well. But dammit, I can blog. Priorities, people.

I have an appointment with an orthopedist in a week, when they will take more xrays and determine whether I actually need a cast or not. Apparently there’s no movable pieces and so waiting that long won’t be damaging to the healing process. For those that were wondering (like me): an occult fracture means there’s a fracture but they can’t see it in x-ray.

So there you have it.

At any rate. I probably won’t get my LFB blog out today due to my drugged out state, but I will attempt it tomorrow, I’m really excited about the topic and I’m thinking I can work my recent accident into the subject matter! Exciting.

Anyways, I miss everyone and I apologize for not blogging anything more interesting, and thanks to everyone for the messages and well wishes. I fully intend to be back up to blogging speed by this weekend, and then LOOK OUT!

And for the record for those concerned: I WAS NOT DRUNKED.

Although if I had been, it mighta hurt less.


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