erm, what now?

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So, I’m totally nervous, okay?

Rocket tells me he’s going on vacation, and he’d like me to do a guest blog for him. And I’m like, okay, no problem, because you know, I have pretty good ideas in general, I’m figuring no big deal. I’ll just whip one out and entertain Rocket’s readers for a day, everyone will get a chuckle and go home happy.

Except that, you know, he asked me this last week. And you know, the weekend kind of came and went, and suddenly I’m at Monday, but it’s okay, you know, because I still have four days before I need to give him my blog, no sweat. But then suddenly it’s Tuesday…Wednesday…tomorrow I have to give him my blog, and oh crap.

I have stage fright, in a manner of speaking.

I mean, you guys are smart, right? A lot of you read his stuff. I can’t post the standard sort of crap you’d normally see onmy blog, because I’m going to be one of five writers who are actually supposed to entertain his readers, you know? And now I’m feeling the pressure here, and so what topic would I pick to write about? How I can’t think of anything to write.

How extravagantly entertaining.

Blogging is a funny thing. People write for themselves, there’s no doubt about that. But I don’t think I’m alone here in saying that a lot of the bloggers I really enjoy reading are the ones that write for themselves and make an attempt at entertaining me. Because really, while I like reading people’s innermost thoughts and feelings, I’m here to be entertained. It’s the great American dream – hedonism and constant entertainment at its finest. Unfortunately I have what’s called a real life, and while I would love to just be able to sit on Myspace all day, I don’t have that luxury. So I like to read stuff that is entertaining.

Entertainment is subjective, I realize this. What entertains me might not entertain you, and that’s okay. I realize not everyone is ridiculously amused by fart jokes and those cheesy two liners that everyone groans at…yeah, those crack me up. I realize that this makes me somewhat simple. No one ever accused me of being too cerebral.

Other people I know love to read stuff that makes them think. I assume that the majority of you fall into this category, because let’s be real here, we share a lot of readers, and Rocket is a smart guy and he has smart readers (as do I). Another reason for my anxiety, but that’s neither here nor there. Others like poetry, journal-type writings, sex talk, some like all of the above.

That’s the cool thing about myspace. I write stuff because in most cases I’m writing to get stuff off my chest and this seems like a mostly sane and safe way to do it. I also write to entertain, at least, hopefully. I like getting the comments and the interaction with the real life people that take the time out to read my blogs. I like that people actually take the time out to read my blogs. I like that Rocket thinks I’m entertaining enough to go attempt to entertain his readers too.

I’m just feeling a little pressure I think. I want to do a super spectacular blog extravaganza, and as of this moment I’m fresh out of ideas.

Any of you guys feel like helping a sister out here? Topic ideas? Keeping in mind my usual style and stuff. Humor? Emo? Relationship stuff? I think Rocket’s readers aren’t used to getting that from him. So either I’ll get a face full of tomatos or a heck of a lot of kudos. Risk/reward. Eck.

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