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put your butter on my toast!

Hi everyone!

Interesting time at the bar last night. We (the Family von N plus assorted other strange and interesting characters) went to go see a local band at my favorite blogging-and-drinking establishment.

We took extra effort to create a picture blog of the nights events. Observe:

1N started the evening off by demonstrating how useful cleavage can be.
100_0316This, of course, brought the boys running, and as a result of repeated demonstration of said cleavage-slash-drink-holder, she was soon making friends and influencing people:
100_0323 No N, observing these events, experienced intense jealousy. 100_0327 1N then felt compelled to make No N feel better and not left out: 100_0318 This, of course, severely offended my tender sensibilities. 100_0329Of course, the guys were very excited at this turn of events. 100_0324 Men started coming out of the woodwork.100_0342100_0330No N and 1N were quite perplexed. 100_0322 That is, until Carl showed up: 100_0333 No N and 1N were very excited about this new arrival… 100_0334 …but I wasn’t. 100_0336 1N was getting more and more excited about the situation. 100_0331 No N was seriously shocked and dismayed. 100_0332 I gave up and went to go hang out with Clark, who had been assigned pursewatching duties and was about to abscond with our things. 100_0343 All in all, a very fun night.

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