um. post labor day blog? in which i did not labor at all.

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That’s what this blog is, people.

A very eventful evening, my friends.

It was DoctorDaddy’s (new pseudonym for the boyfriend) fantasy football draft pick day. If you’re not familiar with fantasy football, well, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. All I know is it’s grown men who draft teams based on NFL players. Then throughout the season, their teams score points based on their players’ yardage, points scored, etc. At the end of the season they have playoffs and everything just like the NFL.

Anyway, DoctorDaddy is the commissioner for his fantasy football league and tonight was the draft pick. I promised to help out, so we had three people on IM that were remote, and I was typing in the picks into the IM conference window and announcing their picks when it got to be their turns. It was okay mostly, I did a pretty good job, but then at the end I got all confused and frustrated. Of course, that could be because I had been drinking steadily from about 2:00 until 9:00. But still.

In the meanwhile, we still had fun times.


This one is me and DoctorDaddy. You can see that I have cut and colored my hair. Now, if I wasn’t such a putz, I would be able to find my computer cable that I use to download my camera pictures to my computer, and then you could not only see the color pics of my hair and stuff, but ALSO the pictures from LA.


However, I do not HAVE the cable, I don’t know WHERE it is, and until then we’re stuck with these crappy pics from my camera phone.


Hope you guys had a great labor day weekend. Mine was niiiiiice and will be better once I can locate the frickin’ cable. For crying out loud.

I watched the entire second season of Arrested Development, plus the Benchwarmers with Napoleon Dynamite. All of which was overshadowed by the late-night Bertie Botts Beans eating competition, in which DoctorDaddy got two black pepper beans in a row and I lucked out with cotton candy, banana, and a couple other non-vomit-inducing flavors. Woot!

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