frist day of school!

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First day of school for the Kid today. Can you say waterworks?




I was so mad at myself today. I got the times confused…not that I didn’t know what time to be there, I knew when I was supposed to be there, I just got the hours confused and ended up rushing my ass up to his school in order to spend thirty seconds trying frantically to get some pictures taken before he disappeared inside the building.

It was worth it when he saw me and ditched his place at the beginning of the line and ran to come give me a hug though.

So I was totally late and feeling so stupid, you know? Other moms don’t get times confused and almost miss their kid’s first day of school. I was bawling like a total bitch the entire first part of the way (it’s a 40 min drive) to the school, mostly just feeling sorry for myself. That is, until I called DoctorDaddy and he verbally slapped some sense into my sorry ass.

Which I liked, a little. Hehe.

So what do I owe you guys? I owe you pics of the hair, check. Blog on LA trip, check. LFB blog tomorrow, check.

Sounds like I’m going to be one busy 2N. For now, however, I have a half full glass of wine calling my name…and who am I to turn THAT down? Plus! Maybe another round of bean eating.

I’m addicted.

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