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For goodness sakes!

I’ve been spending the evening with a pair of rugrats in Spiderman clothing:



And thus have not put together the sex poll yet. However, I have finally managed to compile the results of the relationship blog that I did the other day. This was really a pain in the butt. Next time I’m doing one of those flash polls so that the results can be seen right away instead of going through all this crap.

But anyway, here’s the results, and I will attempt to get the sex poll out tomorrow during Sunday football. Eck.

The results were a little interesting. On the communication ones in particular, I would be interested to see if anyone would change their answers after the last couple L&L blogs.

At any rate, here’s the results:

Knowing Each Other

I thought it was interesting that respondents felt like they understood their partner better than their partner understood them. DD and I also tried the packing of the bags for each other earlier this week. We both screwed up – it’s not as easy as it seems!

  1. How well do you know your partner?
    • Pretty Well: 47%
    • Fairly well: 27%
    • Better than he/she knows him/herself: 18%
    • Not very well: 5%
    • Ummm…he/she has thoughts?: 3%
  2. How well does your partner know you?
    • Fairly well: 40%
    • Pretty well: 33%
    • Not very well: 13%
    • Better than I know myself: 10%
    • We live on the same planet?: 5%
  3. Do you think you could pack an overnight bag for your partner?
    • Definitely: 66%
    • I’d try but probably miss some stuff: 26%
    • No: 8%

Marriage, Divorce, Breakups

  1. How many times have you been married?
    • Once: 48%
    • Never: 38%
    • Twice: 14%
    • 3 times: 1%
    • More than three times: 0%
  2. Have you ever been divorced?
    • Yes: 39%
    • Never Been Married: 36%
    • No – Still Married: 25%
  3. What do you think the reason for your last breakup was?
    • Incompatibility: 21%
    • They cheated: 21%
    • Different values: 13%
    • Poor communication: 13%
    • Abuse: 13%
    • We grew apart: 9%
    • We got boring: 5%
    • I cheated: 4%


I also thought it was interesting that 25% thought they overcommunicated but only 3% thought their partner overcommunicated. Maybe overcommunication isn’t what we think it is? Also, 33% of people said they have no problems at all communicating, but here they say only “okay”. Interesting!

  1. How well do you think you communicate?
    • I’m okay: 49%
    • I overcommunicate: 25%
    • Pretty well: 18%
    • Not very good at it: 5%
    • Are you kidding? I’m a clam: 2%
  2. How well does your partner communicate?
    • Okay: 34%
    • Pretty well: 29%
    • Not very good: 25%
    • S/he speaks?: 9%
    • S/he overcommunicates: 3%
  3. Do you trust your partner?
    • I want to but still skeptical: 43%
    • Unconditionally: 38%
    • No, s/he’s let me down before: 13%
    • No, I’ve been let down by others too many times: 4%
    • I try not to trust anyone: 3%
  4. My biggest roadblock when communicating is:
    • I have no problems communicating whatsoever: 33%
    • I’m afraid how my partner will react: 27%
    • A lot of times I don’t really know what I feel about something: 11%
    • S/he never listens to what I say: 11%
    • I never know what to say/I don’t know how: 10%
    • I’m shy: 4%
    • I procrastinate and then it’s irrelevant: 3%
    • Language barrier: 1%
    • My partner never gives me the opportunity: 0%
  5. For me, communicating with the opposite sex is like:
    • I misunderstand sometimes, but mostly get it right: 75%
    • Like talking to myself…I understand everything: 15%
    • Speaking a different language: 6%
    • Listening to a talk show: 4%
  6. You and your partner are getting along pretty well, when s/he comments that something you’re doing is driving them nuts (and not in a good way). What is your reaction?
    • I listen and try to stop doing it: 39%
    • I try to listen but my feelings still get hurt: 26%
    • I think of all the things they do that make me angry that I never mention: 16%
    • I negotiate: 11%
    • I tense up: 4%
    • I listen and ignore it (or forget): 4%

Fights & Conflict

  1. When you see/hear the word conflict, what do you think of?
    • War/battle/fighting: 59%
    • Something else: 23%
    • Change/advancement: 12%
    • Adrenaline: 3%
    • The UN: 1%
    • Protesting for peace: 1%
  2. Men: You’ve seriously screwed up. Do you bring home flowers?
    • Yes, it’s one of the best ways I know to say I’m sorry: 40%
    • No, I’d go for a card or other gift: 15%
    • No, she doesn’t like stuff like that. I’d find some other way to make it up to her: 15%
    • I’d apologize. That should be enough.: 15%
    • Are you kidding? I don’t ever screw up THAT bad: 10%
    • Honestly, I would probably forget or it wouldn’t occur to me: 5%
  3. Women: When you say you’re not mad, but really you are (you know we’ve all done this), what is/was your motivation for saying it?
    • I already brought it up: 33%
    • Didn’t want to get into a fight: 31%
    • I expected him to know: 11%
    • Was afraid how he would react: 11%
    • Not important enough to talk about: 7%
    • Honestly, I never have: 7%
  4. How soon would you introduce your children to your significant other?
    • Three+ months: 43%
    • 1-2 months: 36%
    • Less than a month: 16%
    • S/He moved in before I had the chance: 5%
  5. How big an impact is it if there is friction between your kids and your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    • If I really loved the boyfriend/girlfriend, I’d try to make peace: 46%
    • Dump the bf/gf: 22%
    • Don’t have kids: 20%
    • Let them duke it out, as long as the bf/gf was not endangering my child(ren): 12%
    • Dump the kids: 0%

Separate Lives

  1. How frequently do you and your significant other do things (i.e. go out with friends, do entertainment things, take trips – does not include work) separately from each other?
    • 1-2 times a week: 52%
    • 1-2 times a month: 27%
    • Never: 12%
    • 1-2 times a year: 9%
  2. Let’s say your partner doesn’t feel like going out and your friends just called inviting you to head to the local club to get down. Which of the following is most likely to happen:
    • I’d try to get him or her to come out with me, but I’d still go: 49%
    • I’d try to get him/her to come too, and if not, I’d stay home: 16%
    • I’d definitely go! Hopefully I’d remember to call: 13%
    • Clubs are trouble…I’d go, but suggest a bar instead: 12%
    • I don’t go. I’d feel guilty all night: 9%

Relationship History

  1. How important is it to you to know how many sexual partners your partner has had?
    • Curious, but I wouldn’t hold it against them, I swear: 45%
    • Couldn’t care less: 28%
    • Definitely curious…in fact, I make sure to ask: 20%
    • I have to know. If they won’t tell me, I’m out: 7%
  2. How often do you find yourself comparing your current relationship to “that one perfect one”?
    • I never had a perfect one: 38%
    • Never – this one IS the perfect one: 34%
    • Pretty frequently: 11%
    • Sometimes, when we fight: 10%
    • Sometimes, when I notice the good things: 7%

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