fifty things…maybe not interesting, but there you have it


50 (Interesting?) Things

One of the bloggers I read, AwesomeZara, did a blog the other day about 50 things one may or may not know about her, then challenged us to do the same. I’ve been tossing it around for a few days, and decided I’d do it! I figure that I’m pretty open in my blogs, so putting together 50 things that not only may be unknown to you but also are interesting was definitely going to be a challenge.

So here’s my fifty things, hopefully interesting, hopefully new to you. Enjoy!

  1. My favorite snack is Miracle Whip and cheddar cheese. I also like kosher dills right out of the jar.
  2. I have two sisters and a brother. My sisters are 3 and 6 years younger than me, and my brother is twelve years younger. I’m also the oldest child of all my cousins – on both sides of my family. I have about twelve cousins all told (I lose track).
  3. I smoke Marlboro Menthol Light 100s. I turn over a lucky in every pack, the very middle one of the front row. Then I smoke the first cigarette to the left of the middle one as the first one in the pack.
  4. I never graduated from high school (dropped out in my junior year) and have only taken two community college classes.
  5. When I was a kid, my favorite book was Watership Down. I loved it so much that even though I owned it, I tried transcribing it into a journal. I gave up after chapter three.
  6. I have stretchmarks in the shape of an X right above my belly button.
  7. I have seven piercings, three finished tattoos and one back piece that’s unfinished, but the wackiest color I ever had on my hair was red with blond stripes. I never did the goth black.
  8. When I was in high school, I got a pair of bright green colored contacts and told everyone they were real.
  9. In elementary school, I had a total boy’s haircut, complete with spikes on top and a tail in the back. I got mistaken for a boy several times, even to the point where a girl yelled at me for being in the girls bathroom once at summer camp.
  10. I was baptized as a Mormon at age nine.
  11. I never drank a drop of alcohol until I was eighteen years old.
  12. I once shoplifted over four hundred dollars worth of clothes from an unnamed department store when I was twelve (more than seven years ago, thanks).
  13. I wrote my first check ever at Skippers (a fish and chips joint here in the Northwest). It’s still my favorite restaurant.
  14. I won’t eat seafood. None at all (except Skippers – it’s all about the tartar sauce). That means no shellfish, no crustaceans, no little swimmers, no “but it doesn’t even taste fishy”. Nada.
  15. I eat ketchup on my steaks. No matter how fancy they are. And my eggs.
  16. The strongest drug I’ve ever taken is marijuana. And percocet.
  17. When I was six, my mom accidentally put her cigarette out in my eye.
  18. I broke my left arm when I was ten, in three places, and my right arm when I was twenty-nine (except later they said it wasn’t really broken). Other than that, I’ve never been seriously injured.
  19. I’ve only been in two car accidents ever. One was my mom’s fault, and one was mine.
  20. I don’t drink beer. At all.
  21. I can shoot a pretty sharp game of pool.
  22. I cheated on my first husband.
  23. I absolutely refuse to watch Saving Private Ryan. Watched it once and almost puked while crying my eyes out. No can do.
  24. My absolute favorite pair of jeans has a hole in the crotch put there by No N’s dog, Sera. I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet, but I still wear the jeans all the time.
  25. I sew. I make quilts, and I’ve made clothing before. It takes me forever (I have a quilt I’ve been working on for about two years) but I DO do something domestic.
  26. I get extremely irritated when someone doesn’t make my coffee drink right, and it HAS to be Starbucks. I drink a quad venti caramel syrup mocha, with 2% milk, no ice, and no whip. If it gets made wrong, it throws off my whole morning. I have been known to plan hotel stays and road trips around where I can get a coffee from Starbucks in the morning.
  27. One of my favorite movies is The Usual Suspects.
  28. When I was sixteen, my grandfather read my journal. When I was twenty-six, my boyfriend read my journal too (a different one). Since then, I’ve been unable to keep one for fear of someone reading it. Quite the paradox when you think about my blogging habits.
  29. I’ve only lived with four non-family member men in my lifetime.
  30. I’ve lived in Oregon, Washington, and Utah, but never outside the country. I’ve visited Canada (I’m a citizen through my mom) but nowhere else out of the country.
  31. I love all things apricot. Dried apricots, apricot jelly, apricot smells, apricot fruit roll ups, I even love the color. Everything except the actual fruit.
  32. I eat gummy worms by biting off the ends, sticking them together into one big long gummy worm, and eating them a ridge-slice at a time.
  33. When I was at Job Corps, I chewed Copenhagen tobacco – almost everyone did. One time I ended up having to swallow my spit because the teacher wouldn’t let us go outside to spit.
  34. For a while when I was sixteen I wanted to be a bodyguard, just like Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard and be as kick-ass as Bridget Fonda in No Way Out (though I’ve been told the French version of the latter is even better).
  35. My boyfriend’s official nickname is ProfessorVonDoctorDaddy. He liked the added prestige that the Professor part brought.
  36. My first car was a 1976 red Volkswagen Rabbit, named Otis. My second, a tan 1970 Chevy Citation named Becky. My third, a green 1996 Pontiac Sunfire named Slick, and my current car is a gold 2004 Mazda Miata named Herbie. I am dying to get me a Jeep. I don’t know yet what I will name it.
  37. I have only spoken with three Myspacers that I know from online only. I have met two people from off of MySpace in real life. All of whom I connected with through blogging.
  38. I own two cowboy hats, one black, one made out of straw. I have never worn the black one in public – I’m too embarrassed of being made fun of. My goal when visiting Nashville this month is to go out on the town while wearing it…all night.
  39. I had never experienced any orgasm but the self-inflicted kind until I was twenty-six years old.
  40. Until I was twenty-five, I had never lived on my own (without roommates, family members, or a significant other). I didn’t own my own house until I was twenty-eight.
  41. I never capitalize my blog titles.
  42. I hit the snooze button six times on average every morning. I have snoozed my way through two whole hours on more than one occasion.
  43. I am perfectly capable of spending an entire day (from waking to sleeping) sitting on my couch reading a book, with breaks only for lighting a cigarette, letting the dog out, and going pee. I have done this on many an occasion. I don’t feel guilty about it either!
  44. When I feel sick, I immediately go out and buy C Monster, orange juice, Campbell’s chicken soup, and Theraflu. It’s my sovereign remedy. When I get really depressed about how long it takes to get better, I go buy some makeup to cheer myself up.
  45. I am a super-sentimental, incurable romantic about some things. Mostly I’m practical, but I save little mementos of everything important. I’m a big beleiver in symbolism.
  46. I used to turn men down based on their zodiac sign, so convinced was I that a relationship with a sign that wasn’t supposed to be compatible with mine wouldn’t work out.
  47. 47 is the first number that pops into my head when I’m making up a number to describe a lot of somethings. “47 million bucks”, “there were like 47 thousand flavors”, “I have like 47 blogs to read”.
  48. I’m supposed to be putting together mine and Vi’s October horoscopes instead of wasting time with this blog. However, I’m going to finish this blog and then take a nap. And then hopefully get the horoscopes out tomorrow.
  49. I’m a horrible procrastinator. I do almost all my LFB blogs the day OF. I put off my bills until the last minute. I work better at work under pressure. I don’t know why this is.
  50. I love it when people ask me questions. I like sharing things about myself that will help me relate to other people or vice versa. Men who ask me good questions are automatically on my “possible” list. That is, if I didn’t have a ProfessorVonDoctorDaddy around. He asks VERY good questions.

That WAS difficult! If you do it too, be sure to link to it here so I can check it out!

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