home at last. asses.

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Home, sweet home.

Three time zones in a week and a half, five different airports, one new bright pink travel suitcase and $1,500 in expensable expenditures later, I am home. Home at last!

I have so many blogs to catch up on, I don’t know where to start. I missed the last two LFB posts, the first while traveling and the second while recovering, but I loved the topics so I want to post blogs anyway even though they will not really be included in the LFB stuff. It also occurs to me that I have not posted an Earnest blog in QUITE a while, and I still need to finish sewing my Halloween costume for tomorrow night. So much to do!

I did manage to post my Love & Lust blog on time today, which was a plus, and a fun write. If you haven’t headed over there to check out the goings on, you definitely should. It’s me and the hilarious T.Brad and the beautiful SecondHandMuse blogging articles on dating, relationships, sex, and so forth. We do a Q&A, TBrad does his Doctor TBrad, Muse does her Tuesday Toy Talk and a series on online dating, I do a relationship blog, and we do guest bloggers once a week. Just recently Capricorn Sister posted a really beautiful series called Confessions of a Twenty-Four Year Old Virgin which was really great.

Assmaster Awards from the trip:

The trip was interesting, it was for work. I have to say that Nashville was the most fun. It’s where I got that awesome profile pic you see here, complete with Nashville-like cowboy hat. It almost made me forget the fact that the asshole at the airport took my $15 bottle of make-my-hair-shiny spray because it was in a 3.4 oz (not the required 3 oz or less) bottle and was HALF FULL. Apparently I should keep in mind that said asshole does not have scales and even PMS tears won’t melt his heart of stone. Ass.

Also in Nashville, interestingly, you can smoke in every bar but NOT in the hotel I was staying at. Ass.

In Philadelphia, you CAN smoke in the hotel that is located in Berwyn (just outside Philly) but not inside ANYWHERE in the city limits. Also, your hotel will not give you ashtrays. Ass.

If you’re like me and half the other women in America and your thighs rub together when you walk, even if it’s just a little bit, do NOT wear a skirt with no pantyhose on a day when you will be charging through three airports like a madwoman in an attempt to catch your flights. It creates WELTS on the insides of your thighs that will BURN like FIRE for the next four days. I am not even joking. Total ass.

Other than that, it was an okay trip. I’m so glad to be home, it’s not even funny. I was so glad to see PVDD when he came rolling up to the baggage claim that I felt like I could have wept. Nice.

And now I shall go nap. Then tomorrow catch up on blog commenting. After sewing my Halloween costume.

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