lfb: oh for the love of pete!

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Oh shit.


WHY?! WHY do I have to be so dumb? I can’t BELIEVE this! Me and my frickin’ bright ideas, I tell you, if I got any smarter I’d be in kindergarten. For pete’s sake.

So, I didn’t MEAN to do it, okay? I guess I never MEAN to, it’s just that I get these ideas and think they’d work out great, and then something goes wrong and they end up being the most opposite thing of great, they end up being the worst.

All I was trying to do was get an idea for what it felt like for him, you know? Muse said she tried wearing one while doing laundry in the name of research, and it sounded like a good idea! She must be better than me at this research thing, because it didn’t work so well for me. I up and broke his cock ring.

He is gonna be sooooooooo furious. I don’t know what to do! I’m racing through the house trying to find a substitute…rubber band? No, too pinchy. Napkin ring? Too rigid. Jelly bracelet? Too big. (But only by a little bit, honey.)

DAMN! He’s totally on his way home from work, told me to have it ready, and now it’s broken! Why, oh why couldn’t it have been his finger puppet or that goddamned globe I can never find a place for?

No, it’s got to be his cock ring.



This week’s short and sweet LFB presentation was delayed due to MySpaz difficulties and back-dated to yesterday at 11:04 PM in homage to my dear, departed friend Rocketman. Good luck, dude. I’ll miss ya.

The topic: You (or your character) broke your boyfriend/girlfriend’s most prized possession and he/she is on his/her way home. Include a globe and a puppet.

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