haterade (rain and myspaz comments)

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I mostly hate the rain, but I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

I say mostly because I love driving through the huge puddles of rainwater that accumulate in street corners and low sections of road. I plow my little Mazda through those fuckers like I’m the goddamned Dukes of Hazzard. You gotta love it. It’s even better than shuffling through the leaves on the sidewalk after they’ve fallen from the trees. Just another bonus to living here and another example of how exciting my life is.

I went through and updated the blog catalog. I added dates and put things in order and added a couple new categories. I’m very excited about it. If you’re new (and I think I have a few new friends that are) I would recommend going there and checking out the old stuff. While I’m at it, I think I will take a moment to plug myself (because, dammit, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!) and recommend that if you haven’t read the 100 Miles To Empty blogs yet, I think they’re really good. So there.

I also came across some of my older stuff and got lost for a while in rereading and reliving what was going on in my life at that time. The one about my grandpa made me cry again. I got all pissed off reading my bitchblog, and I laughed at myself when reading my interview. I tend to forget that not everyone has read every single thing I’ve ever written, and sometimes I reference earlier blogs, so if you’re not sure what I mean, the Blogalog is a handy way to catch up.

One thing I am very irritated with, though, is that I don’t get the new comments notifications. If you’re a blogger, you probably get notifications like this:

<<image of myspaz comment notifications>>

when you post your blogs and people comment. It makes it handy to find all your comments. I am completely missing that functionality. I tried communicating this to the MySpaz UnhelpDesk, and, surprisingly, they were extremely unhelpful. The upshot of this is that when you leave a comment, unless you either tell me about it or it’s on one of my last couple blogs, I will probably miss it. So if you left me a comment on my prior blogs and I never responded, that is why.

Anyway, going through all my old bloggings has made me realize that lately I haven’t blogged much except my Love & Lust and LFB postings, which has made me a little sad but also given me renewed determination to start blogging again more often. I want to try to blog something every day or every other day at the most. It’s not like I’m super busy at the moment, and there are things that have been popping into my head that are definitely blog-worthy but I haven’t written them down. This is partially due to the recent acquisition of Age of Empires II, in which I can conquer the world and kick some serious virtual ass. It also happens to be very addictive and three or four hours can disappear in like, a second. So that has interfered somewhat with spending those aforementioned three or four hours on Myspaz.

At any rate, I am reasonably confident that you shall be able to expect more frequent bits of bloggity goodness from yours truly. I will get back into the swing of things and be better than ever. Um. Is that possible?

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