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I had like three blogs planned out to write yesterday. Then I got sucked into three consecutive games of Age of Empires, and, well. I’m not kidding, four or five hours can go by in a snap.

What’s the thing I wanted to talk about?

Oh yes. Goodman is getting married.

If you don’t know who Goodman is, he’s The Kid’s dad. Read 100 Miles for the backstory. On Sunday when I was dropping off The Kid, Goodman and I shared a smoke, during which he said oh-so-conversationally, “Oh, did I tell you? Yeah, me and Goodgirl are getting married.” Goodgirl being, of course, his girlfriend. I just made the name up. It’s appropriate.


I mean, it’s been over for like, what, almost five years? I think it’s still shocking though, when you realize that someone is moving on, like WAY on, without you. It’s not that I have any residual feelings for him or anything…I just wonder, how will the Kid feel? Do they get along? Wow, this seems sudden. Is he sure? I don’t want to see The Kid get attached to someone and have them split up.

It was just a little unsettling.

He invited PVDD and I to the wedding, it appears that it will be happening next October. Once I got my breath back, I congratulated him, of course, and then he started to describe the wedding, and how they got engaged, and I had to stop him. Because it’s a little wierd, you know? Maybe it’s just me. I’m really really glad that we can be friends, for TK’s sake, but if it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t be. So there’s a line, you know? I don’t want to know too much about his personal life unless it pertains directly to the Kid.

Am I being too sensitive? It just felt odd, discussing his wedding plans with me being his ex wife. At least we’re not, you know, antagonistic. I hear a lot of horror stories where the ex husband is just awful, or almost even worse, not around at all. And the same with ex wives, certainly. So it’s a good thing that we’re friendly but I definitely think there’s such a thing as TOO friendly.

What do you guys think?

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