new addition to the family

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So, The Dog now has a friend. Since The Dog is taken, I’ll now have to use The Bitch.

Allow me to introduce The Bitch:



Ain’t she cute?

Just brought her home tonight. I am anticipating a little reshuffling of the order of the house, which is currently PVDD, me, The Kid, The Cat, The Dog. Now, I anticipate it will be PVDD, me, The Kid, The Cat, The Bitch, The Dog. *Sigh*. Poor Dog.

So far I have discovered that she knows no commands, really. Barely even knows her name. Possibly she just doesn’t recognize them from me, but that shall be remedied soon enough, I suspect. She also sheds like a, well, a bitch. And, she’s light colored so it shows up spectacularly on the couch. Fascinating.

All in all, I am very excited. She’s a pretty girl, and it will give the Dog someone to play with, so I’m excited about that as well. The funny thing is that she is Goodman’s dog, and he’s moving in with Goodgirl, and she can’t have pets in her place. So it was me or someplace else that we don’t talk about in a household with two dogs and a cat.


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