ahhh…home sweet home

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Holy schneikes (sp?) folks! What a freaking WEEK!

TODAY is my BIRTHDAY!! I am so excited. I had my birthday party last night, pictures to follow later today. I also was in LA a couple days last week, wherein I misunderestimated my capability to both get an LFB and a relationship rx blog out, much to my chagrin (so sorry, Muse). I must think I am some kind of superwoman or something, because I get overly optimistic about both my time and ability to plan logistics in getting things posted and emailed on time when I am traveling. I also come back to like, a bizillion blogs and happy birthday comments (big THANK YOU to everyone for those!!) plus a bunch of LFB audition blogs to read. So for the next couple of days, 2N will be one busy, busy girl.

Traveling this time was interesting. My coworker and I traveled together, as usual, but then she got picked up at the airport, leaving me to pick up the car and navigate myself to the hotel on my own. So I was feeling enormously capable and independent after getting my car, getting a free upgrade to an SUV from a Taurus (the Taurus didn’t have GPS and I had to truck back to the Customer Service desk to get it changed…which is when they noticed it was almost my birthday and gave me the upgrade), navigating my way to the hotel, checking in, and getting settled. All on my own!

Until, of course, I was fixing my hair in the mirror and noticed the two large holes, one in each armpit, of the t-shirt I was wearing. Had been wearing, in fact, all day, sans jacket. Not so capable after all?

At least BOTH armpits were shaved this time. And fortunately, no welts. For crying out loud.

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