lfb: metric whatever whatever…ugh

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So…the metric system.



That’s like, what, celsius and stuff, huh? Like centimeters and stuff?

You can tell that either I’m spectacularly uninspired tonight or I’ve never really thought about it before. I would say that right now, it’s about 50/50.

I do have to say that I like the “inch system” (I think Cath called it the imperial system? I did not know that) because the width of my first two fingers on my right hand are almost an inch, which makes it easy to measure things. Sort of. What I dislike about the inch system is that it’s so odd what it’s based on! 12 inches to a foot, three feet to a yard, and I don’t even know how many to a mile? Wtf? How do cups and tablespoons and teaspoons relate to ounces and liters? I don’t even know.

Things that are based on multiples of ten are easier for me to understand, guess. Plus easy to add up for math-challenged (heh I almost typed “meth challenged”) folks like me. It also seems strange to me that measurements across the world are a mishmash of whatever system we use and the metric system. Why can’t we just all pick one and go with that? I really don’t care what it is, really. Just one or the other, and then implement it. Although when Cappy Sis compared a universal measuring system to acheiving world peace to illustrate the practical impossibility of it, I have to agree. It’ll never happen.

Probably because of the expense! Think about it, you’d have to reissue recipe books with metric measurements, change sign posts all across America, sell milk in liters instead of gallons, gas prices would probably go up (just about anything makes that happen, these days)…all kinds of change, and it would all cost money. Plus how would they enforce it? Cath mentioned that people get prosecuted for selling things in ounces or pounds. That seems a bit extreme to me, I guess. Maybe because, oh, I don’t know, perhaps our prosecutors could be better spending their time prosecuting traffic violations. You know, the REAL criminals. For crying out loud, don’t get me started.

So in conclusion, I don’t know that I’ve even really formulated or make clear any opinion or not, but I did manage to grind out a blog for LFB which wasn’t required this week, but darnit, I’ve missed a couple the last month or so and so I set this is as my punishment. I swear I will never do it again!


Topic: The metric system.

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