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This morning was one of those mornings where I felt compelled to call or text people with apologies.

As in one of those mornings when you wake up and think, oh no. Oh NO. As in, I remember lecturing someone (at great and interminable length) about leaving bars without letting anyone know (sorry, Kevin), staging an intervention on my friend who quit smoking in October but it was his birthday and he really wanted one (sorry, T) and taking drunked photos of everyone and their brother (sorry, everyone).

It was fun times though. The last member of the Family von N has had his birthday. November, December and January are busy months for us, we have one birthday in November, two in December, plus all the requisite partying for Christmas and New Years, and one in January. By the time mid-January rolls around, I’m freaking exhausted. No kidding. Even I can get partied out, my friends…even I.

At any rate, last night was unique in that I started prefunking on my own. I tell myself I’m not an alcoholic because I very very very rarely ever drink by myself. However, last night I discovered that my half-full bottle of Chateau St Michelle’s Gewurztraminer was going to sour if I didn’t drink it ASAP, so I poured myself a goblet (the entire half bottle fit into it) and sipped on that whilst getting ready. I remember being vaguely surprised that my lipgloss was not smeared halfway across my cheeks by the time I was done, because by the time my makeup was done, so was the wine.

Of course I wasn’t driving, what do you think I am? An alcoholic?

No N picked me up and we eventually landed at our favorite neighborhood (and when I say neighborhood, I mean neighborhood – it’s right in the middle of a residential area) bar where I continued my drunken spree until well after PVDD arrived after attending the playoff game (Go Seahawks!). It was at the point where he was there for half an hour before I noticed it that I figured I might want to stop drinking.

Soon after that we came home and I stepped in dog crap on the way in the door and of course didn’t notice it till this morning, which was a pleasant surprise upon waking up (seeing as I’d walked all through the house in my shoes), and now I’m frantically doing laundry and packing for my trip tonight and trying to feed the Kid as much sugar as possible, since he goes back to his dad’s tonight and it’s only fair for me to return the favor from Friday.

I find that I am looking forward to a night in a hotel room with nothing to do. I imagine I’ll be pretty lonely but at least I can blog and read and maybe even take along some bubble bath and have a relaxing soak.

So that’s my Sunday, how are yours going?

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