lfb: horsies and puppies

Dear God:

Mommy said that if I wrote you a letter, you might write back. I wanted to because sometimes when I pray, I talk too much. Mommy says I talk too much anyway, you know, when she picks me up from school and we’re driving home, she says I talk too much, but there’s so many things to see and talk about that I just can’t help it.

God, I would really like a horse. I would really like one. I would like to ride around on my horse and see him every day, I would do really good and make sure he had enough food and enough water and that he got brushed all the time. If you can’t give me a horse right now, that’s okay, I would like to have a dog. I wish I could have a dog so that when I sleep at night, he could sleep with me and keep me warm.

I would also like to find my mitten. Santa brought me mittens for Christmas and I loved them, they were pink and fluffy and they kept my hands warm, but I lost one. I would really like it if I could find my mitten too.

Also God, please see if you can make mommy and daddy be nice to each other. They argue a lot and it makes me really sad, because I try to sleep but I can’t and even my sparkly ball with mirrors on it doesn’t make me happy, God.

I think also I would like you to make my sister and brother grow up really fast. Right now they are very stinky and they throw up everywhere and they also make my toys into a mess, so I think they wouldn’t do that if they were all grown up.

And also, God, please bless my family and my grandparents and make them happy. Help them to smile because it’s pretty when they smile, and I like it. Thank you for reading my letter, God, and thank you for making me happy. I hope you write back.

2N (in miniature)

Loaded for Blog! It’s almost as good as cheesy poofs!

And yes, I really did write something along these lines when I was a kid. Except I didn’t have a disco ball and I didn’t have pink mittens. I wanted them, though, for when I was riding my horse.

Today’s topic: “I wish I could…”. Make sure to include one pink mitten and a disco ball.

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