i luvva da terms of endearment

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I still haven’t made my snowman.

Turns out that this weekend is kinda shot, because at work we’re rolling out a new release next Friday which means that I get to spend my weekend testing the damn thing. So far it’s okay but the staging environment that we’re using to test the app is running suuuuuuuuuper slow and I can’t really do my testing. So I shall return to that momentarily and blog in the meantime.

It’s snowing again. Very lightly, but jeez. My feet are cold also.

I wonder how much complaining I can do in one blog. Quite a bit, I suspect.

I use terms of endearment a lot, I noticed. Everyone’s a hon, honey, sweets, sweetie, babe, baby, etc. Today I got an email from a friend and the subject was “what gives, momma?” and I tell you, I think (wierd as it sounds) my favorite endearment to hear is probably “momma”. I don’t know if that’s even an endearment, but I like it. Maybe because I don’t hear it that often, and something about it is kind of…familiar while at the same time, not all mushy and over-sweet, I guess. Does that make sense?

PVDD calls me “lover” occasionally and I like that. My friends call me honey, I like that too. One friend in particular comes up with all kinds of names and they make me smile every time, not to mention try to outdo him with the endearments, but pretty soon I’ll need to start recycling.

I was thinking about this because a lot of people, I think, might take offense to being called a “name” rather than their name. People identify themselves with their names, and might feel that when someone calls them a “name”, that they’re being objectified or that the person forgot what their name actually is.

I don’t really feel that way, though. For me it’s a gesture of intimacy, whether between friends or between me and PVDD. When I use terms like that for people, maybe it’s just me trying to establish some connection or intimacy, even on a shallow level, with the people I meet.

What do you guys think? Do you hate it? Like it? What’s your favorite term to use or hear?

Keep me occupied while we watch the Seahawk/Bears game. I found another bar with wireless. Hehe.

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