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the incredible shrinking woman: week two

I have a headache.

However, I am happy to report after many fluctuations and trying to figure out the best time to step on the scale, it appears fairly accurate that I have lost 1.9 lbs. Which is ALMOST my goal of two for the week.

Things I have learned in the last week:

  • Peanuts are not a satisfactory substitute for Cheesy Poofs.
  • Cheesy poofs contain way more calories than I want to contemplate just now, along with my fave Marie Callendar’s frozen pasta, a pot of cheese fondue from the Melting Pot, and french fries and ranch.
  • Yogurt is cheap, and tasty! Though, again, not a fit substitute for Cheesy Poofs.
  • Never weigh yourself fully clothed just before you go to bed. You will not be happy.
  • Climbing 240 stairs in one day might perhaps be a little too ambitious.

Cravings haven’t been too bad. I was watching the Great American Body Challenge on Discovery Health and they were reviewing people’s danger food, things like chocolate and ice cream and hot dogs and stuff.

For me, it is Cheesy Poofs.

I have had no Cheesy Poofs for a week, I have been so good. Not so good as to be able to refuse discount cheese fondue at the Melting Pot, for alas, I am weak. I have, however, managed to resist the siren call of the Cheesy Poofs each and every time I set foot into a convenience store. Chalk one up for willpower.

I have kept to my walking schedule, and even walked an extra day on Saturday. I did not, however, pick up the jumprope like I planned so I have not been jumping rope. I did decide today though that when I go out for smoke breaks, I will take the stairs. Being as I work on the sixth floor of my building, this is quite the chore, and will accomplish two things:

  1. Good exercise, and
  2. I will smoke less because that is a LOT of stairs and quite a bit of effort.

I don’t much trust this body fat counter on my nifty scale I got. So far this week I’ve fluctuated wildly over a 20-point span, which seems a little wierd.

Other than that, though, my energy has been pretty good, and I just keep picturing myself as this fit, horrendously gorgeous, petite woman, so hopefully positive thoughts count as much as they say they do.

How was y’all’s weekend?

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