abc’s of 2N, and 10 bizarre things

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Andrew has ferreted out my secret love of blog tags, apparently. As did Fukendrinken, seeing as they both have tagged me over the last two days.

Frist, the ABCs of 2N:

xylophonic (cuz I’m frist to use it!)
zesty (times two!)

Secondly. I had a really hard time thinking of interesting things that you haven’t already heard, in light of the 50 Interesting Things blog, but being the extremely wierd person I am, I found ten more things in order to comply with Fukendrinken’s sideways tag of me in his blog.

Without further ado:

    1. I am obsessive compulsive about certain very odd things. My silverware drawer, for example, must be arranged just so. Small spoons in the small spoon section, large spoons in the large spoon section, and mismatched pieces in the back. Looking at the usual state of my kitchen you might never know this, but it’s true. I also have to line up my remote controls from left to right, largest to smallest. They all need to be in a line, from the bottom of the remote.



  1. I doubted for a long time that I would ever want to have another kid. I have a pretty serious depression after The Kid was born, and I am terrified of going through that again. I am also terrified that I am not a good mother, for that reason…that I became so completely undone after the Kid was born.
  2. You guys already know that I make up words. Frist, drunked, pome, yis. There’s nothing cooler to me than seeing other people use those words too. Then I just get to go make up more. I like saying things that are uniquely me.
  3. I have very few people I regularly talk to that I have known for more than four or five years. One friend that I recently reconnected with, I have been friends with for 11 years and that, to me, is utterly amazing. I am totally jealous of people who still hang out with their childhood friends.
  4. I don’t wear makeup every day, but I own more of it than any other woman I know. I have bags and bags of it. I have a serious weakness for lipglosses, eyeshadow, eyeliner…all of it. I buy it, then when I get into the car I immediately put it on. Then rarely touch it again.
  5. I hate feeling like a hypocrite. It is hard for me to make a mistake because I feel that I can never say anything about “who I am” or “what I stand for” because I made a mistake that contradicts that belief. It’s hard for me to forgive myself.
  6. I love funny commercials. I can entertain myself for hours listening or watching commercials. It’s probably my attention span – lots of humor in like, 30 second bites. Right now I am loving the radio ad for Three Under the Sea (no idea) where the chick goes, “I see breadcrumbs. They don’t know they’re bread.”
  7. Until I started blogging, I had never written anything but marginal poetry before in my life. I never even really thought about it.
  8. I have the loudest, wierdest laugh in the world. Honestly. When I say HAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s really how I laugh. I also have this low chuckle that sounds forced if I do it too much. I giggle somewhat, but mostly I am belly-laughing all day. People don’t like to take me to nice restaurants for this reason. It’s quite embarrassing, as I understand it.
  9. I love being barefoot. If I don’t have to wear shoes, I don’t. This makes the bottoms of my feet look like a hobbit’s.

Whew. I’m tired. Obviously way too un-drunked.

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