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a walk through the styles

I mentioned that I like changing my hair, right? I mean…I REALLY like changing my hair. Let’s take a walk, shall we?

#1. This is like, third grade I think. You can see that when I was a kid, pre-hair-dye, I was a dirty dishwater blonde. I had almost white blonde hair when I was littler.


#2. I’m not really sure what this was supposed to be. You can see that I am trying to wipe clear all memories of this time in my life.


#3. Getting a little better. I love this color.

#4. About a year later, all blond.


#5. About two years later, post-Kid years. Yes those are brown contacts.

#6. Another couple of years later, red and black this time.


#7. Again, a year or so later, this time blonde and red. The red is underneath, you may not be able to see it well here. By the way, I am indeed drunk dialing there.


#8. About two years later, more red than blonde. A bitch to keep fresh.


#9. Getting rid of the red. Took a while.


#10. About six months later. My hair was probably in the worst shape of it’s sorry life by this point.


#11. Kind of trying to get back to my, er…roots.


#12. But then, couldn’t resist the lure of the red.


And now, I do believe I have hit the jackpot with my most recent. I really really like it:



I feel like I’m back to my old self. My past couple of styles have been a little…well, we’ll just be nice and say they were a little bland, colorwise.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, my camera is broken.

Yes, you read that right, MY CAMERA IS BROKEN and I am a sobbing, sorry sack of sadness right now. It’s been broken for a couple weeks, and I’ve been hoping that one of these mornings I’ll wake up and it will be magically repaired, but sadly that does not seem to be likely any more. So to the camera shop it goes, and you’ll have to settle for the crappy phone pic in the meantime.

If anyone out there feels the need to ship along a used digital camera that you don’t need anymore, well, you know, I wouldn’t be sad about that. I would even prolly pay for it!

And yes, that’s a new addition that you see there, but I am not blogging about it until tomorrow. So there.

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