finally…the blogstravaganza!

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My friends, welcome to

The 2N One Year Blogstravaganza!

I have been blogging for exactly one year and one day. I have made friends, lost friends, discovered new horizons, challenged myself, been challenged, been bitterly disappointed, incredibly ecstatic, bored, boring, happy, exciting, and hopefully sometimes interesting…and I have blogged about all of it.

In the past year, I have…

…posted my first blog, regarding silent dumping, on 3/7/06.

…posted 300 blogs (as of my Starbucks LFB blog), received 5,816 comments, and had 37,886 views. I have even been kudoed nearly to death, with 2,523 being bestowed upon my humble person. Although I do have to say that I think the kudos are recorded as only one in your little summary thing even if people gave you two.

…made several blogfriends:

 The frist one of which – Vilate. Our relationship began when she dared me to post a pome on a certain RockStar’s profile, in which I was to include certain distasteful words. The Rockstar took his sweet time in accepting my request, so Vi ended up posting my pome for me. It’s quite humorous, if I do say so myself.

 The Rocketman was the frist blogfriend I ever talked to on the phone. Maybe someday he’ll actually come back and resume his post as the High Priest of the Frist Church of 2N. Maybe I need to command it.

 Kristen and  Will, both now very dear friends, were one of the frist ones I ever met in person. We have gotten drunked in LA several times now, frolicked in the ocean, sang karaoke, and danced our butts off. And all I have to say is: point-eight-mile.

 Barbcue was the next blogfriend I met. Again, drunkedness, karaoke, random cigarette flinging, and apparently the worst dining experience of roomie’s life. I thought it was okay, except for the mush masquerading as steak. Ketchup couldn’t even save it.

 The Lindsay has been the most recent blogfriend I have met. A fellow Pacific Northwesterner like myself, I am here to tell you that she is not only talented but one of the neatest people I know.

I haven’t met Andrew David or SecondHandMuse yet, but I consider these two good friends as well, in addition to being talented bloggers. Maybe someday I’ll actually take that road trip to Canada, and maybe 3D will someday venture up here. Regardless, they’re two people I am very glad to have “met”.

…posted segments of my life story.

…collaborated with two fabulous groups: Love and Lust, where I finally get to indulge in my penchant for handing out free advice, and LFB, where I get to try to crank out interesting blogs based on topics handed out every week.

…witnessed the death of my beloved pedometer.

…posted blogs that I consider to be some of my best:

And I think I’d better stop before I just go ahead and repost my entire archive.

…found some really great bloggers:

  • The Token Liberal, the one I can’t click fast enough on and yet never comment.
  • Dating Tips For Men, the one I probably agree and disagree with the most, in equal measure.
  • Justhill, The one that makes me laugh out loud most often.
  • Capricorn Sister, the blogger that I think is one of the most talented on Myspace (I think she and SecondHandMuse are in tie for this one).
  • Dahlia, the one I can’t wait to meet in person.
  • All my blogfriends. I admire all of them and am so fortunate to have met them, and all of you.

I planned on pimping out some of my readers, but I tell you what, I am losing a bit of my enthusiasm for my spectacular Blogstravaganza, and I think you are going to have enough to read with all the links I have provided to you.

So I will just wrap up by saying that I have been so fortunate and privileged to have become a part of this world, to have interacted with all of you, and to have read and learned about you in the way that I have.

So, thank you. And here’s to another year as good as this one.


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