the incredible shtrinking woman: week eight

Hi there, blogfriends!

How bad, do you think, is alcohol for my diet? Because honestly, this here’s the frist brunked blog (no basckpacing, as you can see) that i Have posten in some time, and I decided it would be my Incredible Shrikning Woman blog!!

Frist: ground rules on a 2N drunked blog if you haven’t been around long enough to experience one:

1. Be drinked. Druinked. Drunked, I mean.

2. Don’t backspace, at all. Type at close to normal speed, amd don’t backlspace at all because the typos are the funniest.

3. Pick a subject and then don’t really talk about it at all, spemnd all your time discussing how drunked you are an d what the rules are.

I think I’m doing fairly well so far.

So here’s my wonderings tonight, how bad, REALLY, is alcohol for my diet? I have not dared to count the calories in my fave drinks. I’m too ascurred.

In terms of my diet/exercise plan: the coolest thing is that enven though I am totally NOY – NOT – at the weight I planned to be by now, I can totalyl see the difference in my face and stuff, and the best thing is, that i feel healthirt. Healthier. I have been walking regilarly, hitting the stairs evey work day, and I have been able to change the food that I eat as a habit.

I want mirrorn dorrar!


So anyway, that’s a good thing. the bad thing, is that i had hoped that eventually i would be a little more graceful. I have a favorite chair, and even though I don’t come close to filling it up, i keep feeling too big for it. I am forever knocking things off the arms and stimbling over things, and I feel like it’s because i am just too big for the psace i am trying to occupy. You may recall that pvdd has had his computer broked? Yeah taht was me. I knowcked it his laoptiop right off the arm of my chair because i am so clumsy. I broked it.

I am coming to ralize that losing weight is not going to make me any more graceful, and that solid-state equipment is still in danger any time I am around. it’s just a fact. Sad, but true.


The moral of todays’ Shringking Woman blog is, I am still mostly on track, I feel good about changing my earing and exercise habits, and that I am still going to be clumsy even when I am at my target size.


Oh an: being drunked is fun and i fon’t care if it’s bad for my diet.

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