worse than worms

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This weekend I made an extremely important and illuminating discovery: Myke’s radioactive worms not withstanding, there are worse things than worms that can fly in your face.

My dad traveled up from Portland this weekend to help me landscape my backyard on Friday and we worked all weekend digging out our crappy, bumpy lawn in order to level out the ground in preparation for installing a patio. Before we could do anything, I had to weed-eat the lawn. If you recall last year’s urban meadow, the length of the grass was once again approaching meadow levels.

To that end, I procured a weedeater and set to work.

Perhaps you will recall that we have two (2) rather large canines.

Perhaps you will also recall that they both do their business in prolific profusion in the back yard, amongst the long grasses for privacy (I assume).

Perhaps you can then imagine what happens when you enthusastically apply said weedeater directly to a cleverly hidden doggie-surprise.

There are indeed worse things to fly in one’s face than worms. Trust me.

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