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Greetings from Florida!

PVDD and I are on vacation in sunny Tampa, Florida. Next week I am heading to Orlando for a work meeting, so I have a whole two weeks here!

Not much to report on the flight down here, pretty much standard irritation with TSA and the asinine security measures now in place for people flying anywhere.

A few key points:

  • TSA has discovered a effectively foolproof method of preventing clearly dangerous items such as these:


    from being made into bombs:


    Clearly, the placing of these hazardous items into a clear, plastic ziploc bag negates their potentially explosive powers. Keep on keepin’ on, TSA. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Regarding items referenced in #1, it is a known fact that these items can miraculously become potentially dangerous halfway through your trip. For example, one might be able to fly to approximately seven or eight different airports in the last year, with said items loose in one’s purse, and have zero problems with security at any of those airports, but then suddenly be compelled to surrender them midway through a trip upon returning from a smoke break at your layover airport.
  • Were one to pick up a box of clear plastic quart-size bags from a nearby grocery store in said layover city, one could make a killing selling said bags outside the airport. (Cappy Sis: get yourself some cheap bags from Dominick’s and have someone sit outside Chicago O’Hare and sell them for $5 bucks a pop. I guarantee they will make you a nice bunch of extra cash.)

Lastly, a few pics of our trip so far:

From the airplane before takeoff in Seattle

Modeling the hip touristy shorts

Upon arrival in Tampa

The gecko on the screen this morning

The pool nearby where we are staying

That’s all for now but I have a gardening photo blog later today! As you can tell I have replaced my camera. Woot!

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