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Not Just A Pretty Face.

Today’s topic: LFB’s One Year Anniversary!

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of LFB.

Cappy Sis and I, I think, are the two remaining members of the original cast of this group, and it has been…interesting, to say the least. Unlike Cappy Sis, who has a perfect record of posting her blog every week, on time, without fail, I fear that I have been remiss at times in making sure I get my blog posted come hell or high water, but nonetheless being a part of LFB has definitely made an impact in my life and my writing.

When I first started blogging on Myspace (also a little more than a year ago), all I really did was write stuff about me and my life. To be sure, I wrote somewhat interesting stuff, but all my stuff was about me, about real life.

Writing for LFB, I discovered that I can write…not just journal or blog, but I can write. And I can write about things that are totally made up. I have an imagination! Learning how to use it with these topics we get every week has been one of the best experiences over the last year.

After all, who can forget Masta Pud, birthed of the “Nerd Hatches Plan To Get Popular” topic? Or Rockefeller, the gender-slash-species-confused Black Lab from the “Pets Take Matters Into Their Own Paws When Owner Fails to Come Home” topic? Or how about the creation of Sally Too Enn and (Censored) Too Enn and their schizophrenic journaling? Not to mention the “overheard conversation” topic of the cock job… I never ever would have thought to write those without prompting. I never really thought I had it in me. If for nothing else, participating in LFB has been rewarding for that alone.

Or later, when LFB took a more serious turn, I took a stab at more heartfelt topics like with Myra and Marty in the “Proposal” topic. Or the one where the guy (almost) cheats on his wifeFrom my frist LFB blog to my most recent, there are so many pieces that would never have come to be had I not had the extreme pleasure and honor to be a part of this fine group of writers. And that, truly, is the best part of having been in this group, getting the chance to meet and get to know all the awesome people that have been a part of this group over the last year and the new ones that have just been added. Thanks, dudes. You rock.

Thank you, LFB. And I will be here ’til you kick me out for not posting my blogs. So take that!

Cheers and happy one year anniversary!

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