melty chocolate and jasmines and birthdays

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That’s the only word currently at my disposal to describe this weekend.

One of those weekends where you get a little bit of stuff done so you don’t feel like a *complete* lazy ass, and yet filled with enough relaxation that you feel like you were actually a lazy ass all weekend.

We finally had an entire weekend of beautiful weather all weekend. Utterly cloudless skies, temps in the 75-85 range, and when I sit on my porch in the twilight I can smell summer in the air, mingled with the jasmines planted next to the house. It was so hot that when I pulled a truffle from my bag of them sitting on the counter, the inside of it was completely melted. I bit into it and the chocolate ran clean down my arm. I do have to say that it was fun licking it off, but still.


Saturday was fun! PVDD and I both had a hair appointment, PVDD for fifteen minutes of clippering, and me to get my color freshened up and the ragged ends cut off. Florida was not very nice to my hair, though it was very nice to my spirit.

This time around I am much more red, and I love it!




The top picture is me and Julie, my friend that does my hair. She has a salon up in Auburn, if you live in the area. You can find her website here and she does hair by appointment only in the evenings and weekends. She is, seriously, fabulous. I used to work with her when she quit to go do hair full time. She has since returned to work at my company but still does hair in her off time (thank God).

After the hair, we went for dinner, shopping, then headed up to Lindsay’s birthday party. Luckily, PVDD is a navigational genius and we found the place fairly easily. I have to tell you, it was right next to a pet store with bunnies and puppies in the window. One of the bunnies, which I wish I would have taken a picture of, looked like a big gray fluffy cat except with big upright ears and his nose was going a mile a minute. I believe PVDD said it best when he described it as having a puckering-butthole nose. It had a life of its own.

Once we left off being cute with the bunnies, we headed inside to Lindsay’s party, and I have to tell you I didn’t know anyone there except Linds and her friend Taeya, whom we met on our trip to Seattle. Taeya has since chopped off her waist-length hair and donated it to the organization that makes wigs for sick kids, which I think is really cool.

At any rate, I made sure to give Lindsay hugs from Ruggi and Andrew and then one more for good measure for anyone who missed on asking me to do it. Linds and I got caught up over a secret smoke, and then it was cake time. Something on the cake was this dark color, like black (I am assuming something making fun of age here??) and made everyone’s teeth black, which was….well, it was gross. But funny too. You can see it on Linds here (sorry babe, just had to).


Of course PVDD had to demonstrate his Buffalo Bill Guiness beard:


And this is me, Linds, and her friend Brenda who incidentally became mine & PVDD’s friend too as we were being wallflowers in the corner and watching all the action.


This guy for some reason smashed cake into his own face. I wondered about that, and even more when he whisked over and paid our tab before PVDD could even get his wallet open, but, hey. He was super nice and a good sport, what with all the cake and whatnot.


This morning, PVDD went to softball and I stayed home to relax and clean house (I HATE doing dishes, and somehow end up putting it off so long that doing the counter-and-sinkful all at once is even MORE aggravating than doing it once I am done with eating or whatever). He called me midway through the afternoon and told me to go outside. I did, and saw this:


Have you ever seen anything like it? It wasn’t a typical rainbow arch, it was just like a rainbowey cloud. Isn’t that neat?

After that, dudes, I just chilled. I was productive all through the morning then gave up midafternoon and vegged out the rest of the day. Definitely a good weekend, which is nice because next week is supposed to be crappier weather (60s and rain) and I have a NEW project for the back yard to start on. Yay.

How was ya’ll’s weekends?

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