it’s getting there…seriously!

You guys, I am so frickin’ tired.


Thursday,I had my LFB blog about half done when work like blew up in my face and I ended up working until like eleven at night. By the time I was done I stumbled off to bed and completely forgot my LFB blog. Then, Friday, I worked from 7 until our lumber finally got delivered at about 5:30, and then I was so excited that I worked on the deck all the rest of Friday into the night and completely forgot my plan to post my LFB blog (better late than never right?).

Well this morning I woke up and immediately went to work on the deck, and we just finished for the day about half an hour ago, and what do you know? I forgot to post my blog. Again.

I think I’m going to call it good for this week and I will get back on track next week.

Now I am off to bed but I wanted to show you the excitement before I did:

1N came over to help dig holes:


I love my tool belt:

August 2007
August 2007



Tomorrow – decking! I am so excited. And sore. And EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention exhausted?

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